From: the.hunter on
>My NOD32 never detects anything.
>My Avira Antivir also never detects anything.

I have always used Avira Antivir Pro but it never detects anything.
Non I have installed NOD32 and it has found 5 visruses. ;)
But I don't understand anything and I like to use NOD32.
From: the.hunter on
>I renewed my registration for NOD32 for another two years.

You are a BitDefender guy. ;)
From: badgolferman on
FredW wrote:

>On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 23:44:44 +0100, the.hunter(a)
>>Hi, in your opinion is it better G-Data or NOD32 antivirus? I'd like
>>to use the ltest pay version.
>Is a Ford or a Volkswagen a better car?
>(or maybe a Fiat).
>You can also have a look here:

Symantec has made quite a comeback! Good for them.