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UserAccounts.CommonDialog - How it works
Sure would oblige a message box returning the full path of a file browsed. -- Thanx & Best Regards, Faraz! ... 9 Mar 2010 08:56
Excel 2003 offline help, how to use?
thank you so much for your guidelines.. Am very interested with the web developing process.. also my friend suggested me to get this site ' : Low cost domain names, domain transfers, web hosting, email accounts, and so much more.' ( for the best hosting services @ reliable ... 9 Mar 2010 02:24
Hi All My customer sent me a excel files that is version 97-2003 when i open with version 2007 to amend some txt . when i save the file the kb bytes increase to mb which is very large files . Suppose should be 800kb it change to 28mb. Pls let me know asap . Thank you . ... 9 Mar 2010 01:20
Hi out there, I am wishing to add a group of data which is in a column but the data is TEXT ONLY. i.e I have a column which contains the text YES and NO. I wish to add all the fields containing YES without having to create another column which makes the text into a number using say an IF formula then adding... 8 Mar 2010 22:04
Validation and Lookup
Im am creating a Price Inquiry tool... I am just having problems when it comes to the lookup for the prices... I have A1 as the Item Category drop down and B1 as the Item drop down... I want C3 to return the price of the item once B1 already has the exact item to lookup... I created the A1 and B1 as depende... 8 Mar 2010 23:09
why is autofilter not available (in light grey on drop down)
Autofilter was working on my spreadsheet but since I moved a line of data the function is not available. How do I restore Autofilter to a working condition? ... 8 Mar 2010 20:57
MOM % change
Hello I am trying to calculate month over month percentage change in revenue and this is for 6 months. What formula would I use? here are the values from July to Feb $31,099 $46,895 $83,447 $234,181 $324,901 $432,667 $74,268 $110,715 Thank you ... 8 Mar 2010 19:50
How do I convert an Excel file to a CSV file?
I am new to Excel and am trying to learn as I go. I am trying to convert my Excel Spreadsheet to an CSV file. Is there a simple way to do this? ... 8 Mar 2010 18:43
unusual window message
when pressing the enter key after formating a cell in excel 2003 file, a window message will say "to many different cell format". If I press OK, and later save the file, the other previous formatting will be gone once I opened the same file. ... 8 Mar 2010 17:34
Emailing mail merge templates
I have successfully created an Excel spreadsheet with the correct headers to do a mail merge. I have also successfully created a Word doc linked to the Excel spreadsheet to accomplish the mail merge. Now I would like to mail those two skeleton files (Excel spreadsheet and Word doc) to other people so that can... 8 Mar 2010 16:26
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