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Needed Macro and Function Help
Using Excel 2003 I have 2 Workbooks. MY GOAL... WB1, worksheet "Input Data" needs to search for an entry in column B of WB2, worksheet "Data Sheet". If the value IS FOUND, then I need to replace the entire row with new data from WB1 into a destination location in WB2. If the invoice number IS NOT FOUND, the... 21 Apr 2010 13:37
Removing spaces from middle of cell
In my spreadsheet there is a column that contains number, 3 on the left, space, 3 on the right. I want to remove that space. Rather than doing this in three steps, taking left, then taking right, then joining those together, is there an easier way to accomplish the same thing. It currently looks like this 21... 21 Apr 2010 15:42
Protecting an excell workbook
I have a workbook which has 15 worksheets in it. It is on a network drive so other people can access it. I want to allow people to view the workbook without having to enter a password but i dont want them to be able to edit it. Any suggestions on how I do this will be much appreciated Many Thanks cufc12... 21 Apr 2010 13:37
Lookup Formula
I'm not sure if this would be a look up formula, but is there a formula where I can type in a number in one cell and in the cell next to it, it will pop up a description that i've written in another cell connected to that number on another sheet? ... 21 Apr 2010 14:40
Recover lost excel tabs/spreadsheets from workbook
Have an excel workbook with multiple spreadsheets. For reasons unknown all the tabs have disappeared from the workbook except for one. I know they are still in the workbook, however, because the document size has not changed. Somehow, the tabs containing the balance of my spreadsheets in this workbook are j... 21 Apr 2010 14:40
Viewing text 2003 vs. 2007
I have a 2003 worksheet with many lines of wrapped text. When I select a cell I can read all the text in the formula bar. But I sent it to someone with 2007 and they claim only the first line of text is visible. Is there an option in 2007 that needs to be selected to read all text? -- Matt S ... 28 Apr 2010 11:44
Excel 2003 - Skip a cell
How do I skip a blank cell? I have a column of dates (Col A) and a column of numbers (Col C). Col C has irregular blanks. I want to copy these to another spreadsheet without the blanks in Col C and without the corresponding dates in Col A. My purpose is to creat a column chart without the gaps caused by blank c... 21 Apr 2010 16:44
Find/Replace Numbers stored as Text drops zeros
This SEEMS to have changed when Office 2003 SP3 rolled out - as we USED to be able to do this. I'm not ruling out OE (Operator Error) - although we've tried this on different op. sys.; different computers; different Office 2003 installs, and, as stated above, we have been able to do this in the past.... We pr... 21 Apr 2010 14:40
How do you automatically display a vba form in excel 2007
I have created a form in excel 2007 developer that manipulated data on two of the sheets. Somehow I want the customer to be able to activate the form from one of the sheets so they do not have to run it from developer. I tried to create a macro but once the form activates you cannot stop the macro. I am just le... 21 Apr 2010 12:35
no more new fonts may be applied in this workbook when changing fo
I get the error "no more new fonts may be applied in this workbook" when changing font (not adding a Graph). Any idea how to fix it. Thanks, Dan ... 21 Apr 2010 11:33
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