From: Kadaitcha Man on
Dan Listermann, ye bigheaded Mars of malcontents, i'll beat thee, but I
should infect my hands, ye chalked:

> "Kadaitcha Man" <anon(a)> wrote in message
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>> Dan Listermann, ye boil-brained island carrion, a knot you are of
>> damned blood suckers, ye retched:
>>> "Kadaitcha Man" <anon(a)> wrote in message
>>> news:e33nei$sdr$2(a)
>>>> What's it like to be a fuckwit?
>>> Brilliant!
>> It must be terrible having no other frame of reference.
> More brilliance!


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"duke" <duckgumbo32(a)> wrote in message
> On Sun, 1 Nov 2009 09:05:40 -0500, "Dan Listermann" <dan(a)>
> wrote:
>>"Kadaitcha Man" <anon(a)> wrote in message
>>> What's it like to be a fuckwit?
> Which is why we laugh at you so much.
Probably in an uncontrolled insane manner.

From: Steve Carroll's Dog on
Kadaitcha Man wrote:
> What's it like to be a fuckwit?

From: Steve O on
Kadaitcha Man wrote:
> What's it like to be a fuckwit?

Says the expert on fuckwittery

Steve O
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From: Uncle Vic on
One fine day in alt.atheism, Kadaitcha Man <anon(a)> wrote:

> What's it like to be a fuckwit?

I don't know, have you stopped beating your wife?

You don't actually believe in that jebus nonsense, do you? I thought you
were smarter than that.

Uncle Vic
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