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On 13/08/2010 7:03 PM, B J Foster wrote:
> Sunny wrote:
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>>> On Thu, 12 Aug 2010 18:50:10 +1000, Doug Jewell wrote:
>>>> The original budget was roughly $1000 per computer,
>>>> probably about right. The actual spend: $7333 per computer. That's one
>>>> hell of a computer!
>>> Hey, you forgot the $7,000 worth of software included.
>>> My understanding is that in NSW, the schools have extra support staff
>>> just to handle the returns of faulty and damaged computers.
>> At that cost we should be able to sack all the teachers, close the
>> Universities, and just employ some geeks to monitor computer
>> input/output.
> We won't need schools in Labor's 'Brave' new world since according to
> Conroy we'll be working from home.
> Ain't *no-one* gonna digup that thar coal!!

Maybe they'll be controlling the coal digging machines from home via the
NBN instead of choking on coal dust down a cold dark mine.