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>> I know that you know the reason why you are attacked when deliberately
>> posting VB10 code. In my opinion it *is* worse than posting not working
>> VB6 code as a reply to a VB3 question.
> If you accuse somebody, would you then not check it it is true.

It is because of the checking I say you posted VB0x0A code.

> As far as I remember me I've never posted non VB6 code to this newsgroup
> (Or is would be a while ago when I thought Microsoft was pointing Nxt
> questions to this newsgroup. But that becomes because you write so often
> about it.)

If you read your first post to "string functions" can't you agree that it's
VB0x0A code that will _not_ compile in VB6?

> The code I wrote was an attempt to create VB6 code, I've endless times
> written that it was not something I would create for Nxt, I even wont
> discuss why.

But, your attempt failed, it still is VB0x0A code. You should have tested it
in VB6 _before_ posting.

> What do they call somebody who is changing the truth like you does
> consequently in Germany?

If your'e not talking to a mirror now, I'm lost in what you refer to.

> The opinion from somebody like that is for me without any value, because
> he changes it as soon as it fits for him.

Like the way you did then?

> Cor


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On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 16:51:43 -0400, "C. Kevin Provance" <*@*.*> wrote:

� : LOL! Skewered!
� :
� : Good one Cor!

� Another evangelist troll heard from. Watching you two skells hump each other in the @$$ in a NG where neither one of you are really wanted is always interesting entertainment.

Thanks for sharing your voyeuristic fantasies with everyone. Any other creepy things we should know
about you? ;-)

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