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> You are a dreamer.
> Twayne reminds me of Don Quixote for some reason, except I
> don't think Don Quixote also suffered from projection, did
> he? But then again, it's been a long time since I read it.

Thank you; that's a good comparison.

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>> Try being informed rather than opinionated.
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>>>> You talk about credibility and promote running registry
>>>> cleaners???? You're absolutely insane. Is it any wonder
>>>> you have five hard drives to back-up your system.
>>> LOL, that's a definite candidate for the worst reading
>>> comprehenson I have ever come across!
>>> You apparently have no concept of proper backup
>>> structures or practices or you could not possibly have
>>> written that! Perhaps some Google time or just use your
>>> favorite search engine and learn just a tad about
>>> backups, what they are, how they're done, and how to
>>> implement them.
>>> I've had to closely monitor some things here in the
>>> computer room the last couple days and so have had extra
>>> spare time on my hands but it's coming to a close so
>>> you'll shortly be losing my tremendous words of with and
>>> accurcacy. As with any pleasureable activity, it's only
>>> done in my spare time. Excellent nic, BTW; very fitting.
>>> ...