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On Sun, 11 Apr 2010 06:46:11 +1000, dorayme <dorayme(a)>

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> Albert Ross <spam(a)> wrote:
>> weirdly there's a grey background to the text in the main column in
>> Opera alone, other than that it looks and works more or less identical
>Sometimes these problems arise because of failure to supply a
>colour for background to elements. I notice several places where
>color (foreground or text) are supplied but not background and
>other places where just background but not foreground. The former
>is particularly risky. Go through your CSS and fix this up,
>supply explicit #fff (if that is the default background you want
>for your pages) where you specify color.) See if you can fix this
>first before I take a closer look.

I'm getting there, just been rearranging the content of some of the
galleries and moving stuff around on the server - and discovering on
occasion it appends instead of replacing an uploaded file. I see
everything twice . . .

>The reason that this sometimes happens when a background is not
>specifically defined is that you can see an ancestor's background
>(which has had a background defined or set by the browser as

Yes I suspected something like that, must check what Opera has as
default. Which reminds me I didn't check it in Chrome yet either
<starts download>

>One subscriber to this usenet group - whose name starts
>with a B and who rides motorbikes - sets his browser's viewport
>background to a colour that makes him chunder* to alert him to
>the problem lest he forgets to attend to his elements'
>backgrounds. He keeps several spare keyboards.

Good plan! I'm trying not to specify too much stuff and leave it up to
the user's settings but that's probably worth fixing

>An element like P, for example, if its background is not set by
>the author, is transparent, that is the default. It is like glass
>and you can see the parent or some ancestor that has got a
>specific background, be it a colour or an image.
>This does not mean, by the way, that you should always set
>backgrounds to all elements. Don't do this, that would be to
>overcode! It is just that if you do set a foreground, you better
>make sure the background is what you want and there are no
>"chunder" is an Australian word for "vomit". Others are
>"technicolor yawn", "chuck", "puke", "throw up", "spew". And
>there are many more here and around the world given the
>disgraceful overuse of alcohol by earthlings who fail to abide by
>Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean.

Yes I have an Australian friend, though he drinks red wine rather than
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