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>>>> MLB Main Logic Board
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>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> Posted back on 6/23/10 about returning my nephews Inspiron 1525 for
>>>>> repair
>>>>> after he dropped it pretty badly, breaking the back hinge and screen
>>>>> surround. Called for repair the night of 6/23/10, Dell sent a box via
>>>>> FedEx
>>>>> to my home on 6/25/10 and I shipped it the same day FedEx ground.
>>>>> Arrived
>>>>> at repair depot last week, and delivered back this afternoon 6/6/10.
>>>>> Overall, 11-day turnaround once I shipped it out. Pretty good if you
>>>>> ask
>>>>> me. Yep, I am now an Official Dell Bot.
>>>>> They replaced all the missing screws from the back of the machine, but
>>>>> the
>>>>> new ones look like they are marine corroded or like galvanized hot
>>>>> dipped
>>>>> decking nails. Not shiny black anodized like all the rest. At least
>>>>> they
>>>>> replaced them, as I asked. The also replaced the LCD surround, and
>>>>> bezel,
>>>>> and a "MLB". What's an MLB? Overall, he and I were very impressed
>>>>> with the
>>>>> quick turnaround. Thanks, Pat
>>> Major League Baseball? ... Ben Myers
>> MLB Main Logic Board, Yikes! I like Ben's better. Laptop worked when
>> shipped, and booted right up when I put the HD and battery back in. So I
>> doubt it was the Main Logic Board. Pat
> you did say the thing was dropped.... and dell might have replaced the
> motherboard if the power jack or anything else was suspect. you can check
> pretty easily if you know the mac address of the network card in the old
> board or if you look in the bios and check the service tag number (they
> never seem to update the service tag on replacement board to match the
> original service tag number). but then again dell did sell some laptops
> with major league basball logos on the lid... perhaps your laptop was one
> with those logos?

Chris, nope no MLB logos ;-) Yes, he dropped it pretty good, enough to
break the outer case, etc. But, it was running for almost a year, with the
screen dangling from one full hinge and one broken hinge, and charged the
battery okay, didn't seem to have a loose or bad connector. I have no idea
what the mac address was. The only time Uncle Pat got to see his and his
sisters laptops, was when I bought them, and when I cleaned the Malware,
Viri, etc from the "my laptop doesn't work very well anymore." I did teach
them both to run MalwareBytes, etc, once a week and let it do its thing. I
will check the service tag now that you mention it, maybe they did replace
the MB. Note, no L added. Pat