From: Joe on
Hi Tom,

I know most people posting in NNTP don't really like the web forum formats.
Personally I like *some* of them but not all. What I really don't understand
about the MS web forums is that it is almost as if they have been
intentionally designed to be difficult. From a usability, navigation, and
speed standpoint they are probably some of the worst I have ever seen. You
will see me on lots of forums across the web...but not so much the MS ones
until or unless they are improved dramatically.


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"Tom Willett" <tom(a)> wrote in message
> Ah, hi Joe! nice to see you again. Yes, cold beverages available to lament
> the closing of the MS public newsgroup servers. Good luck on trying to
> figure out where to go and how to use them. The days of easy and
> convenient
> are over.
> Tom
> "Joe" <munged(a)> wrote in message
> news:097611E9-16C2-4204-B6CC-98CFBB88C7A8(a)
> : So I guess the frontpage.client NG is soon shutting down. While I
> haven't
> : been around in it too much much lately I had been an active participant
> in
> : it for more years than I can remember. I am sure many people will miss
> it.
> I
> : have made some life long friends in this and other newsgroups and
> learned
> so
> : much from others. So with that I bid you all a fond farewell!
> :
> : (For all the old timers I hear there is a cold beverage available at Tom
> : Pepper's patio :-)
> :
> : --
> : Best,
> : Joe
> :
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From: Tina Clarke on
Your welcome Joe its the only forum I know of that will cover fp and ew is
moderated well and the questions get answered.

(not withstanding I admin a forum elsewhere but i get no help (or contact)
from the owner so don't feel the need to work hard at something that
benefits someone else... they shall remain nameless sigh)

I do maintain my own lists for frontpage and expression web and since its a
steady family of users .... its much more comfortable I find. There is also
a specific fp genealogy one i know of and another list which is as old as
mine and another good expression web list but its google based and i find
the interface clunky ... mine are yahoo based and can be email or interface
based. For those that like lists here they are. (I own) has ew mvps Pat Geary,
Cheryl Wise and ex mvp James Huggins as mods plus two others Martha and
Steven) (I own) (has
Pat Geary as mod)
(pat geary owns - i mod)
(pat geary owns - i mod) (Cheryl Wise
owns - i mod) (James huggins mods)

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"Joe" <munged(a)> wrote in message
> Thanks for the kind words about the forum Tina!
> While there isn't much I can do about a NNTP newsgroup format, I can at
> least offer up the web forum format for anyone that would like to ask (and
> especially answer) any questions.
> Anyone that would like to participate.... come on over! :-)
> --
> Best,
> Joe
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> "Tina Clarke" <TinaClarke(a)> wrote in message
> news:ubwJN#2#KHA.1892(a)TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>> Joe Rohn has a great forum
>> I have always spread myself around lists and forums but I like the
>> newsgroup as its much like a list I have one for frontpage and one for
>> expression web.
>> The Answers forum I belive will contain works photodraw and frontpage?
>> Still there is a bright side..... if you can't find the answer to your
>> problem it will encourage a learning process...which will result in
>> better websites.
>> There is always an outlet for everything ... just like some hosts still
>> support fpse.
>> Tina
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