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>>> > Try uninstalling .NET framework using control panel > Add/Remove
>>> > Programs.
>>> Then download and install .NET 3.5
>>> see if this cures the problem.
>>> Neil
>> Thank you Neil
>> I see from Add Remove Programs that I have .Net framework v.1 hotfix
>> (KB953295), v.1.1, v.2, v.3.0 sp2 & v.3.5sp1. Do I need all those or
>> will the latest version do?
>> Tony
> You only really need them if a program you are installing requests them.
> But to try to get to get over your problem I would remove anything
> relating to any version of .NET and then use the previous link to download
> 3.5 and then let windows update get you any updates for that version.
> Neil
I started uninstalling with version 1. then 1.1. Win Update then
reinstalled both versions then the security update that caused the problem
installed. I've also downloaded & installed v3.5 over the existing version
3.5 and now I'll stop leaving the other versions alone pro tem.. Thanks for
your advice.