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> >> Andrew Wilson wrote:
> >>> Running WinXP with SP3.
> >>> I am currently running a USB wireless Trust keyboard and mouse
> >>> combo on my mother's computer which currently work fine.
> >>> She is not too good sighted however and has purchased a USB wired
> >>> keyboard with large characters.
> >>> I have withdrawn the trust keyboard (taken the batteries out) and
> >>> tried to install the USB wired keyboard as directed.
> >>> At one point the 'Number Lock' light flashed up and Windows said
> >>> that it had recognised a new USB device but the 'Number Lock' light
> >>> died after this point and I couldn't use the keyboard.
> >>> I have tried another USB port and this time Windows said it didm't
> >>> recognise the new USB device.
> >>> Can you run a wireless mouse on one system (without the keyboard
> >>> however) and run a seperate unrelated USB keyboard?
> >> You can use multiple mice and keyboards on a system at the same time.
> >> Wired/wireless doesn't matter.
> >> Now - how your wireless mouse/keyboard combo works if part of it is
> >> disabled (batteries removed) - no idea. Wouldn't think it would make
> >> any
> >> difference, but that is a hardware issue.
> >> Shutdown, disconnect all keyboards/mice from the computer. Hook up JUST
> >> the new keyboard. Power on and get into the BIOS (if you can) with the
> >> new keyboard. If that works, power off, hook up a different mouse (USB
> >> is fine - just not the one from the wireless combo) and power on/boot
> >> into Windows. Wait about 5 minutes after it gets up before doing
> >> anything - giving it time to locate/install drivers. Does that work?
> >> Now - plug in the wireless keyboard/mouse combo (leaving everything
> >> else
> >> plugged in) with all of its batteries back in place. Wait a few
> >> minutes - does that work?
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> >> Shenan Stanley
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> > Shenan
> > Many thanks for your help.
> > I tried the steps that you gave but failed with a 'USB device not
> > recognised' on every port that I plugged the new keyboard into.
> > I have also uninstalled the Trust keyboard and mouse, added a serial
> > mouse
> > and tried again but get the 'USB device not recognised' again when I
> > plug
> > the new keyboard in.
> > I know the keyboard works because I have tried it on my system with no
> > problem.
> > Could I possibly uninstall the USB ports and will the computer reinstall
> > the software for these or does it look like a more profound problem?
> > Many thanks
> > aw56001
> Shenan
> I have since deleted 'Unknown Device' from the USB part of Device Manager,
> rebooted and on reboot a prompt has appeared 'USB Found new hardware' (new
> USB Keyboard I presume?) but another prompt then appears 'USB Unknown
> Device'. On checking Device Manager 'Keyboard' isn't even listed.
> If I delete the 'Unknown Device' from the USB part of Device Manager and
> reboot I just go round in circles.
> Many thanks
> aw56001

The previous wireless keyboard / mouse combo could conflict with the
newer USB keyboard. If the Trust keyboard / mouse had their own
enhanced drivers installed should be uninstalled.

Thanks for your input.
There were no enhanced drivers for the Trust combo. It was a case of
plugging the receiver in and letting Windows do the rest. I must admit I'm
stumped how installing a USB keyboard can be so difficult when I've
uninstalled the Trust combo.