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>>> Evidently I blew out the element on my D6 by placing it just insde the
>>> reso head hole. I've sent it in for repair, and while talking to the
>>> dude at Audix, he mentioned that that is not the best spot; claims all
>>> that air isn't good on the equipment. It sounded decent out front, and I
>>> really liked it in my IEM's, but he suggests placement deeper in the
>>> drum, close to the shell with the element aimed at the beater.
>>> Basically, keep it out of the way of the air blast. My D6 is used on 20,
>>> 22, and 24 inch kicks for a weekend warrior rock cover band. On
>>> occasion, I also use a D112 and a Beta 52. Any other suggestions?
>>> Thanks.
>> Hey Jeff,
>> I've been using my D6 like that for years with no apparent damage to the
>> mic.
>> However, I also decided that there was no point in placing the mic for a
>> huge thump, if I then ended up having to limit and dial out most of the
>> thump because of clipping. I started putting the mic several inches
>> inside the hole and got a better sound, just because I didn't have to
>> process it so much.
>> I got tired of the mic stand getting knocked over, or the mic slipping
>> out of the clip, so now I'm using an interal mount and an old Oktava
>> clip. I can't say it sounds any better or worse, but it stays put no
>> matter what happens.
>> Sean
> Sean,
> Thanks for the tip. I don't know what the deal is with that D6. I guess
> we'll see how it holds up after the repair. I'm not hard on my stuff, so
> I'm surprised it went so quickly. Audix told me that they usually see mic
> trouble from big hitters. I don't think I qualify for the title.
> I built an internal mounting system too, but I haven't used it in awhile.
> I will take some pictures to post ifn' you're interested. BTW, what
> happened to rmmp? I check it all the time, but it's in sad shape.

It is in sad shape. I check daily, but there's not a lot of meat there - and
I've been way too busy to try to contribute more myself. I'd like to go into
more depth on how my rig is set up, so maybe we can continue this discussion
on rmmp. If I have any energy left after the gig tonight...


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> George,
> With my application, and with my meager gear, does it make sense to try
> the sm91? Am I going to get to use what its' got, so to speak?
> $ vs result you know. Thanks.

With meager gear one should concentrate on the vocals and not sweat the
nuances of beater click. In addition the mic channel might be better used
for something more pressing.

I have a national act coming up with a '91 listed on their rider. I have to
decide whether to rent one, skip it, or try to use model 819, or a cad
E100se, or some other lesser boundary mic.