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All I can really remember is that Transporting down to the planet's
surface invoked a random outcome... many times resulting in kirks
death. The "transporter" itself was graphically represented by yellow
lines gradually making their way down the screen (if this makes

No biggie... just have fond memories of this particular aspect of some
star trek game out there. I think I downloaded it from... was it

take care!
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> ?

None of those... but that is some real cool information. thanks!
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* Golan Klinger:
> P.S. It's not Below the Root, is it? (It's an inside joke.)

Fort Apocalypse.

Martijn van Buul - pino(a)
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> Hi all,

> I don't suppose this rings a bell wih anyone?
> Thanks!

One of my Favorite "STAR TREK" type clone games is Space the Ultimate
this is a very good game, it also has C64 and C128 Keyboard overlays
to help
you manage your ship and repair damaged systems. This game is
graphically based