From: Chuck on
I bought "Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed" to give me a good
overview. I am designing an upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2010 and will be
utilizing DAGs in our environment. This book is pretty good for an overview
but doesn't get into the details. For that I would recommend reading TechNet.

"Mike O." wrote:

> We currently have an Exchange 2007 environment with about 5000 users. We're
> looking at migrating to Exchange 2010, probably in the next couple of
> months.
> I am looking for recommendations for a book on Exchange 2010. Some of our
> main areas are in data redundancy and migration from 2007.
> The Jim McBee and David Elfassy book, Mastering Exchange Server 2010 was the
> one I was looking for first (we've used the "Mastering.." series in the
> past), but it looks like it's not going to be released until April.
> I came across the "Exchange 2010 Unleashed" that looked like it might be
> useful, but found some reviews that it didn't go into much depth on several
> of the topics that we'd be looking into (DAG, migration, etc.).
> The "Exchange server 2010 Administrators Pocket Consultant" (700 pages, must
> be a big pocket!) is out, and since it's a Microsoft Press book, at least it
> should be accurate, but I'm not sure how much in depth it goes.
> At $60 per book, I want to try to get something that I can use.
> Mike O.
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