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>MM wrote:
>> On Tue, 22 Jun 2010 08:20:14 -0500, dpb <none(a)> wrote:
>> This is nonsense. I can spot patterns in half a million rows
>> easy-peasy just by scrolling through the grid
>Only if the pattern is contained in a sufficiently adjacent set of data
>that you can see it in close enough proximity to remember it...that's
>the point. And, if it is, then you only need a very much smaller subset
>of the data in the grid at any one time.

How do I know what subset I need before seeing all the data first?

>> There are many ways to address your apparent problems. You could apply
>> a bookmark to mark certain rows or ranges of rows then do a sort to
>> bring the marked rows to the top. You could select a bunch of rows and
>> transfer them to another grid. You could filter out rows based on
>> certain criteria. Finally, you can of course simply re-run the query
>> underlying the recordset but with different criteria, having seen the
>> results you got. But please don't tie me up in dogma so that I cannot
>> obtain a complete overview of my data simply because this offends your
>> particular design principles! That way is far too restrictive, as is
>> your claim that "_NOBODY_" can do certain things. You cannot possibly
>> know what everyone is capable of.
>Well, it would defy the results of all studies that have been done on
>human cognizance/recall if you could find _anybody_ who could retain
>several hundred thousand data items in their recollection at any one time...

It has nothing to do with recollection like some Mr Memory game. I
peruse the list, build up a picture, maybe revise the SQL, or filter
or merge or whatever. You do seem to have a very rigid approach, I
might say...

>All your arguments above reduce to having smaller subsets of data at
>which one looks; that's again all anybody here is saying is that since
>that has to be done anyway, there's nothing _really_ lost by the data
>not all being in a single display control at one time.

You can't get an overview of the data without seeing it!

>The user, unless intimately familiar w/ the data set, certainly isn't
>going to be able to find what the range of any particular value in a
>dataset is if it is unordered by scrolling thru entries manually from
>top to bottom trying to make sure they find the largest and don't miss a
>bigger one on the way down meanwhile the same thing for smallers and any
>other corollary variables they're interested in. It just isn't
>feasible. In the end, you have to make all these other entry methods to
>be practical you've enumerated so there really is no point in having
>every single datapoint in a single view.

Who said it's unordered? Of course it's ordered! Plus I can re-order
(=sort) each column using the vsFlexGrid's ExplorerBar.

>It's no different than the oft-heard complaint that a long time series
>takes an excessive amount of time to plot/display -- well, if one has an
>hour of data at 100 kHz, it doesn't matter what the resolution of the
>device, there's no point in plotting 360M points; there's no device that
>has that many pixels, anyway. So, either decimate (wisely) to show the
>overall waveform or subset time intervals, don't insist on drawing every
>stinkin' measured value every bloody time.
>I'm killing this thread; I'm bored talking to walls/posts...

Ooh, miaow!

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: Why does that make it buggy? It's a practical limitation. No human can
: possibly process 64k of records, let along the amount you're trying to do.

Actually, Mr. perfect-command-of-the-English-language, it's "let alone", not
"let along".

I guess you aren't as perfect as you want everyone to believe. Remember
that the next time you feel the need to correct someone else, eh?

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: It's just laziness. Instead of writing code to sub-select out of the
: recordset you're just taking the easy way out. A good coder considers the
: user, not the ease of writing the code.

Actually, a good coders knows how to write his own code, versus asking
others on usenet to find it (or write it) for him. That's also a sign of
laziness. But you already know this. <g>

: I have a database listing upwards of 100,000 songs.

Do you want a cookie, or the lot of us to bow down and kiss your unwashed
feet? I think you'll get neither. No one is impressed with a code leech.

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