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>Am 25.02.2010 19:39, * GMAN:
>> IT NOT SVHS either damnit, it called S-Video or Y/C
>Really? Wow, you're my hero now.
>FYI: Y/C (analoge separate luminance/croma) is the *signal*, the term
>"SVHS" usually means the connector (4pin HOSIDEN or SCART) carrying an
>Y/C signal. And in the outside world where people have friends and a
>life (both things you probably know nothing about) they generally use
>the term "SVHS" for everything Y/C-related because the first widely use
>of Y/C was with the SVHS standard.
>If you try to make yourself smarter than you are then at least get the
>facts right. So far you just made look yourself like a dumbfuck, but
>probably just because you are one.
You post the same comments 4 times and you accuse me of being stupid?