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: See also "Man Arrested by Amtrak Police for Taking Photographs for
: Amtrak Photography Contest" (Schneier on Security)
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So whar's the tentative conclusion from all this? That the whole incident was
a fake from the beginning?

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Bruce wrote:
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> In [the linked] video, you see that Carlos Miller (of Photography Is
> Not A Crime) and photojournalist Stretch Ledford were stopped while
> taking photos at Douglas Road Metro Station in Miami � before they
> even got into the station and while they were still in the parking
> lot.
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> The full article makes some very good points about training of police
> and security personnel and links to the video referred to:

I got that 'show me your ID' treatment taking these photos in a leased
govt. office parking lot (private building & security):
I gave them ID & went to the office but complained about it like in the
video that I hadn't done anything wrong & they didn't need my ID. I'd
leave if it's private property but there were no signs. Security guy
said maybe I was planning to come back & steal them :-| The guy at the
office waved me on.

Another time I was asked to leave, while prowling around a hospital in
the woods taking photos of the crazy vents & ducts on the back side of
the building <g> I did look pretty suspicious off trail looking for a
better angle:
-didn't get the shots I wanted... but nobody ever took my 'film'.