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In article <20100117115048.2001.26137.XPN(a)gordon-laptop>, Gordon says...

> WRONG. MS "won" because it ALSO gave away free copies, with server OSs.
> And I don't recall Lotus giving away free copies untill MS had locked
> people into Office...

Lotus was giving away free copies in the early 90's, usually on magazine


I'm not prejudiced. I hate everybody equally.
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Conor wrote:

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>> Conor wrote:
>> > In article <pan.2010.>, Phil
>> > Stovell says...
>> >
>> >> The UK Government used to have (may still have) a policy of only using
>> >> software that is ISO standards compliant. OO is, I'm not sure about MSO.
>> >
>> > UK Govt runs on MSO.
>> >
>> Which is NOT ISO certified.
> And?

And so, if you REALLY have a GCSE in English you would understand the

I've had enough of your plain stupidty.

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TMack wrote:

> You and I would have no problem in similar circumstances. However most
> users are afraid of anything that is the slightest bit different. OOo
> wouldn't look exactly the same as MSO and that would put many of them
> into a blind panic.

Don't you realize that your claims are demolished by the point that Jed
made? If change were so catastrophic, how did M$ get-away-with so
radically changing the interface for Office 2007?

And your little story about how a 3-year-old mind might work does not
help you case.

Think about it. Technology does not stand still. Change is
inevitable. Worst case, formal on-the-job training may be called-for.
These things happen and are undeniable and unavoidable.

People and businesses can and do adapt, or they'll simply be left
behind. It's a competitive world.

Even parking-lot sweepers like "Hadron" get new equipment once in a while.
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On 16 Jan 2010, Ivor Jones said:

> On 16/01/10 00:29, Nix wrote:
>> On 14 Jan 2010, Baron stated:
>>> True ! Not only but its a criminal offense to publicly identify a
>>> juror ! Its probably the same in the USA.
>> Not that likely actually. The UK's laws regarding juries are fiercer
>> than just about any others anywhere else in the world. Much, much
>> fiercer.
> Indeed. I did jury service last year, the warnings issued about
> discussing any aspect of the trial outside the jury room even after
> the trial had finished were *very* dire indeed.

This may not be a good thing: but nobody can tell, because one of the
things banned is any kind of research that touches upon what goes on
inside a jury room...
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Conor <conor(a)> wrote:

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> >
> > Gordon wrote:
> >
> > > Conor wrote:
> > >
> > >>
> > > > Quite probably. You'll also find they're using MS Office as well.
> > >>
> > >
> > > For the few users only who need functions which are not in OO. And
> > > that's not many.
> >
> > Well, what function exactly would be missing?
> >
> OK, tried to do this in Calc today.
> Tried dragging down columns to get a value un each subsequent row to
> increase in 10's (10,20,30 etc). It steadfastly refused to even when I
> manually entered the first and second values and instead was intent in
> going up in 1's.

Highlight column - Click on Edit - Choose Fill-Series - Enter Start value
(10) - Enter Increment (10) - Click O.K. It's so easy th