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"Andreas Gerlich" <ag(a)> wrote in message
>Hello Bill Buckets,

Andreas, in the old country my name would be Vilhelm Bucholz or some
derivative thereof. Actually Vilhelm Jacof Bucholz. I'm still 3/4 squarehead
with some Irish thrown in to make my head even harder:)

In Zeeland they would call me Willem Bueckelszoon (William Buckelsson) since
my father and his father (and my son of course) share the good name. Bill is
just a foreshortening.

Buckets??? Well I'll leave that alone... Hyacinth in Keeping Up Appearances
"Buckets Residence, Lady of the house speaking!":) English I'm not.

>In this document there is a reference to the "Reference Manual". Have you
>also this important dokument? I can not use it without this manual!!!

I have emailed you a revised manual which also contains Chapter 12 which Dan
Wallace kindly provided. The pdf and the compilers that include it are also
updated on the website with the new version.

We are assuming that this is the reference you wanted but since you chose
not to reply when asked why, we are only guessing.

Merry Christmas AG.