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On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 02:08:53 -0500, John Turco <jtur(a)> wrote:

>> You forgot to claim it was also taken with a DSLR, just like all the rest
>> of your fellow useless pretend-photographer trolls around here always claim
>> every time I post one of my NON-DSLR images.
>> Let this be a lesson to you, that *ANY* camera in the hands of a skilled
>> and talented person will surpass anything you will ever be able to
>> accomplish with even the most expensive camera in the world.
>That's absolutely true. Nonetheless, by the same token, >you< should be
>able to overcome the limitations of any DSLR.

Very true. I just got sick and tired of all the hoops you have to jump
through in order to overcome them.

Take for example this simple scenario:

A 6 month trek to photograph some of the rarest orchids in the world.
Waking up in the morning in swamps laden with mist and dew (and gators in
the hiding). Trying for hours to rid your DSLRs mirrors, sensor, and lenses
of image destroying condensation. How many hours and once-in-a-lifetime
images were lost because of this couldn't be counted.

Trying to obtain enough DOF in handheld photography conditions in
mist-filled and dark recesses of swamps with DSLR gear. All but impossible
with that kind of gear. Unless you wanted to ruin the colors and natural
appearance of your images with artificial flash lighting. The extra
batteries and gear needed to be hauled into the swamps an extraneous

Trying to photograph rare orchids out of reach on high limbs because you
don't have an articulated LCD display for pole photography. Getting nearer
to them is not allowed, by law and morality, due to disturbing their unique
only-place-on-earth habitat conditions. Simple solution, a 1/4-20 threaded
bolt on the end of your walking stick and a superzoom camera with an
articulated LCD and macro-lenses attached to it.

That's just one example of many thousands where the DSLR *could* be used,
but you'd miss many thousands more shots because you tried to use an
opportunity-crippling DSLR.