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>>>>>> Anyway I am going to test the wires on my old broken, mouse, I have
>>>>>> a multimeter so I should be able to tests for breaks, if here are no
>>>>>> breaks them the chip must be dead.
>>>>>> The LED comes on so it does get power.
>>>>> Well I tested all the connections with my multimeter and there
>>>>> seems to be no break, could be intermittant though.
>>>>> It's a bit weird really, maybe a loose connection on the board?
>>>> You obviously did not test them throughtly enough Colin ;)
>>>> Just talking to myself cos I tested them agian after I inspected the
>>>> wires again and became convinced one of them was broken.
>>>> On that test that wire did seem to be an open circuit (broken wire).
>>>> So I broke the wire fully, stripped the insulation, twisted wires
>>>> togeather, re-tested and success a buzz from my meter indicitating a
>>>> circuit!!
>>>> I pulled into USB port, no error message, and cursor moved!!
>>>> I have put the mouse back togeather how and it works, although it now
>>>> seems all 'wrong' compared to the other much lighter and faster mouse
>>>> - lol. I think it wll take a while for my brain to re-adjust to the
>>>> dynamics of it again.
>>>> I think I may have got a false positive before because you can lose
>>>> track of which connection you are testing if the connector flips over.
>>>> What made me try again was because the symptoms of the fault matched
>>>> a breaking/broken wire, it did seem inconcievable it could have been a
>>>> chip as that would have been instant and permanent.
>>>> Also the curcuit board looked rock solid, further more even a short
>>>> circut burning something out seemed unlikely it's only 5V I believe,
>>>> plus no indication of a burning on the circuit board!!
>>>> I may open it up agan to adjust the wires because the one I broke is
>>>> shorter then the other 4, but I will probably wait untill I have a
>>>> probelm with it.
>>>> Only problen now is it seems so slow and sluggish compared to the
>>>> previous one (which seemed to sensitive at first!!).
>>>> I guess I will guess used to it!!
>>>> Saved myself a few quid!!
>>> Glad to hear you found the problem & fixed it. :-)
>> Yes I was pretty pleased because I had written the thing off but I just
>> thought I would
>> give it one more try because I could not believe anything inside the
>> mouse had magically failed,
>> especaiilly so when I found it needs no driver so it could not be
>> software either.
>> I have gotten used to the dynamics of the mouse again too now, so all is
>> well!
> You should be able to find the Mouse Control Panel and adjust the
> programmable behavior of the mouse.
> You can wash the mouse's feet if it is sticking to the mouse pad. You're
> allowed to wash the pad too because it builds up with oil from potato
> chips and french fries, and this slows the mouse considerably.

I have already got it set to max speed, I will try washing the pads.
I just use the back of a large hardback book as a pad as a mouse pad,
I have never bothered with a proper one, the good thing about the laser mice
is they work on most flat surface.

It's not a problem really once you get used to it, it seem fine now, the
is when you switch mice and movement which would move the
pointer 1 inch moves it 3 inches, or vice versa. However once your brain
to it, it is not a problem, the mouse does just what you want it to do
much subconsiously.

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> Sometimes the pointer disappears and the only way to get it back is
> to reinsert it into the USB socket.
> I think the cable near the mouse may have a break in it
> intermittant which might cause the problem, does that sound
> reasonable?
> Using another mouse now as it happens often.
> Guess I will try and open it up to have a look.
> Is it just two wires?

Just an update on the situation, I fixed the mouse, but I was in town today,
and I say a wireless similer to what I was looking for like this one
(same company)
I got it for �9 and I am very happy with it, it is basically the same as my
old one but
wireless, it works fine.

Actually it better because it is faster, I have to more the mouse pointer
speed down
from the max it was on to a mid setting, so I have leeway for faster or
slower, as opposed to
before where it was up to the max and still a bit sluggish IMO.