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On 2/16/2010 12:58 PM, Here In Oregon wrote:
> "John Braner"
>> HIO,
>> You'll get it working, and it will all be fine. But it's going to take
>> a *lot* of time.
>> I've been there, done that, and got the video and the T shirt - and
>> I'm fairly organised and had everything written down/saved etc.
>> It's worth it though - unless you've got a deadline and have to get
>> everything up and running (but then you wouldn't have changed
>> everything right now...)
>> Good Luck ;-)
> Thanks for the encouragement. I have a window of opportunity and I am
> sure it will all come around to YES!!!!!!
> I am working hard though and I am practicing patience. A first!

I thought the least of the problems would be the RME cards. They are
usually ahead of the game. I got the impression they have no ASIO
drivers for W7.
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On 2/16/2010 1:10 AM, Gerry Peters wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 15:04:30 -0800, "Here In Oregon"<HIO(a)>
> wrote:
>> For all of you folks who got jealous regarding my newest computer build you
>> can rest now and feel good about yourselves once again. I want to blame
>> this on Romy and Michelle (movie) but my situation is bigger than my huge
>> "post its" mistake. My problems are ten fold and I am somewhere between
>> purgatory and hell. Feel any better and you know who you are. I am only
>> taking the time to write this to warn others not to make some of the same
>> mistakes I have made.
>> 1. All of my computer wiring to my old studio computer and my audio gear I
>> marked with "post its" and wrapped it around the cables to mark where they
>> go. My studio is professionally wired by someone else and most cables
>> cannot be traced without tedious removal of "Panduit" parts, etc. Most all
>> of my "post its" fell off as the glue was insufficient. I watched that
>> movie last week and when I went to mark my cables I thought "post its".
>> They failed me. Bad idea and a huge mistake.
>> 2. The engineer's engineer that I flew out here for two months a few years
>> ago marked all of my cable with white tape and used a CD marking pen. Most
>> all of the writing has failed me and is blurry and I cannot make heads or
>> tails of what the markings say.
>> 3. My RME 9652 and my 9632 for Win7 64 bit is WDM and everything looks great
>> but the settings are all foreign now to me as I have been using ASIO all of
>> these years and I cannot configure it correctly. I am getting sound using a
>> SPDIF out but *recording* forgetaboutit. Too complicated to even explain.
>> 4. Win 7 sounds, devices and settings looks great also but foreign to me as
>> well.
>> 5. My 01v96 version 2 has three downloads for Win7 64bit and "Studio
>> Manager" looks foreign to me and I have no idea how to set it up.
>> 6. Yamaha help opens up my Windows media center with nothing.<giggle>
>> 7. I am impatient and do not take the time to read manuals and set-up
>> instructions and when I went to install the RME and Yamaha gear I just flew
>> by the seat of my pants like I always do so even though stuff looks
>> installed right, I am questioning whether my complicated installs were done
>> right.
>> 8. Win 7 64 bit is foreign to me when it comes to troubleshooting.
>> 9. I cannot even decide which audio recording program to go with for the
>> long haul since I am starting over and fresh. Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase,
>> Reaper. I do input monitoring and Sonar and Reaper could not handle
>> anything less than 128 (3ms). I noticed that my RME WDM driver goes down to
>> 32(0.7ms) and with my new rock solid computer I was hoping I could get down
>> to that or at the least to 64 (1.5).
>> Questions???
>> 1. Do I burn down the studio because I don't have time for this and am
>> traveling a lot this year?
>> 2. Is there someone out there knowledgeable with the aforementioned gear
>> that wants to visit Oregon and get paid along with all expenses? I can add
>> some additional work to make it profitable for you.
>> I need help bad. Even if you know someone that might be interested please
>> reply or have them reply to my hereinoregon(a) address. I will
>> start looking locally tomorrow for someone smarter than me to help me get
>> out of this abyss.
>> I am still stoked about this computer I built which I am using to type this
>> and I feel confident that I will eventually get to the bottom of everything.
>> It is just that there are so many problematic variables based on all of the
>> above hitting me all at once.
>> You have been warned!
>> HIO
>> --
>> Proverbs Ch.18 Vs.17 Any story sounds true until someone sets the record
>> straight.
> Man, sorry to hear about your computer hell. We've all been there
> before and feel your pain. I've had Jim Roseberry put together my last
> 3 DAWS. He's a super nice and patient guy. It may be less expensive to
> have him do some phone consulting or even ship the computer to him to
> sort out. His website is He frequents the Sonar forum.
> My 2nd thought is for you to go back to XP until you can get things
> working. Also can you just set up your old computer temporarily, get
> everything running again, mark your cables clearly and then make the
> transition slower?
> The worst thing any of us to do is to introduce several new variables
> simultaneously to an elaborate setup. Then when something goes wrong,
> it can be a number of things. When your brain gets fried from lots of
> frustration, it's hard to think clearly enough to troubleshoot. Get
> the simple stuff working first and then keep adding stuff.
> Good luck, man.

I kept XP on most of my systems. W7 Pro with XP mode would be useless
for DAW apps.
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"kitekrazy" > I thought the least of the problems would be the RME cards.
They are
> usually ahead of the game. I got the impression they have no ASIO drivers
> for W7.

I love RME products. Their attitude regarding customer support sucks
though. No listing of problematic motherboards at their site and their WDM
DSP settings manual does not exist.

They are a very cryptic in their customer support all around. It could be a
language barrier issue as well. I guess I can call their US support line
like I did last time and when they could not tell me which way some of their
gear was wired and no manual showed it. They were at least nice and helpful
though. The Germans however think they hot sheet and I have given them a
hard time about in the past. They are walking Einsteins but like Einstein
they get lost walking around their neighborhood and the world that they
think revolves around them.

My problem may be their WDM drivers which have never worked for me. There
is a rumor that some of the X58 motherboards have problems with RME products
but again they don't talk about it. Intel has a case number on their
chipset regarding this issue. I won't even post on their forum; I will
probably be ignored anyway. Users usually jumped in and were helpful when
they were on UseNet. I might have bit off more than I can chew and I can
hear Gerry saying I told you so. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. I can also hear
Sue laughing at me again. Anyway, I could be wasting my time here with
these cards and their drivers.

I just loaded up Sonar like Rick suggested and it felt good to be back.
Still not working but it loaded and profiled my cards, but I have no sounds
or waveforms, and no stereo tracks.

HIOism " I never wanted to be a pioneer; the motherboard made me do it".

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"Steve_Karl" > Why not just put it on hold and get a laptop and load reaper
on it?

(notice no matey)

I feel like a mad scientist at this point. I haven't shaven or anything in
days. <g>
HIO pulling out hair.

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I am retiring for the day folks. I am going to shave, take a shower or bath
and have myself a few drinks and lounge on it. I cannot recommend this
motherboard at this time for audio recording but I will keep at it because
the board shows promise in all other areas.

Hopefully RME and Intel can come together with a revised bios update that
can fix this issue because my guess is that this is the problem. At this
point in time though I also feel that RME makes sheety WDM drivers. They
were against it from the get go many years ago until they were being forced
by Microsoft to give up the idea of using ASIO drivers with Microsoft's
operating systems.

Also, I am having some crashes when I do stuff as of early this afternoon.
To be fair though I am throwing everything I've got at this horse and she
prolly needs some hay, grass, and water. Well, we won't water her just yet.
I am now toast and have been at it for 3 days straight with long hours. I
have also been rambling. I had to move my former studio computer to
another case as well since it can still perform a bunch of tasks and I
needed my rack mount case for this build since it is supposed to be my main
DAW and is mounted under my studio desk.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with support and help.

God bless and cheerio!!!!!!!!!!