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"Glennbo" > Hehe, you should see the flowchart dood! You guys are still in
the loop!

Whew, you had me scared there for some days.

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On 18/02/2010 01:41, Here In Oregon wrote:
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>>> My problem is that I have many thousands of dollars tied into top of the
>>> line Apogee converters along with my Benchmark converters. I need fiber
>> OK - sorry. You'll just have to get the RME working then ;-)
> I just did and thanks John. Yipppeeee. Hip Hip
> Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See - things are looking up ;-)
I'd be surprised if the rME didn't work with Win 7....

John Braner

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"Rick Paul"
> Ah, I totally misunderstood your original question. I thought you were
> talking about old Helpfiles, as in .HLP extension files.......
> Snip...........

>Acrobat Reader (probably the latter would be unlikely since I'd guess
>you'd have a new version and newer versions would be backward compatible
>back to Genesis).

Back to Genesis. LOL! Yes that was when Adobe's reader was on stone

Yes it is Adobe and I have found it and I can click on it and open it with
all of the information I need. I must have a corrupt download or there is a
problem inside my Studio Manager which is a Virtual software mixer that
Yamaha has for my 01v96. No big deal at all because everything works
perfectly except in the very rare case I wanted to click on help which now I
probably never will. I know where the information resides and I will
probably just uninstall and reinstall for the heck of it. I know this
board well and have an older 01v sitting around.

My computer is hooked up to my mixer via USB and I can control all
functionality of the board from my desktop except preamp gain control. Duh!
I really just use the board as a glorified control surface for Sonar's
console view since I insist on mixing with live faders and what not. I had
to jerry rig it to work with Sonar though because Sonar/Roland didn't want
to have Active Controller Technology for a Yamaha product. On the occasion
that I want to use the preamps of this board which are fine for some things
I have the inserts on the board going directly to my Apogee converters
therefore bypassing all of the internal circuitry while getting just wire
and gain so to speak.

> In hindsight, I've viewed the whole college experience as being much more
> about learning how to learn

I have been saying that my whole life.

Thanks Rick.

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"John Braner" > See - things are looking up ;-) I'd be surprised if the rME
didn't work with Win 7....

Well PCI slots are becoming more and more scarce and my RME cards all total
probably around $1300.00 and this new motherboard has two PCI slots.
With that said I had a scare with the drivers and cannot believe it works

Also, unbeknownst to me Mathias the big shot over at RME said two weeks ago
that x58 motherboards do not work with RME products. He was wrong.

So I have WDM drivers with some WDM settings and using ASIO as well.

It is a funny world sometime and I am happy as a clam. I am also making
OF's clam pasta recipe tonight with fresh rosemary. Never used rosemary
before in pasta but it works and is hmm, hmm, good.

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"Zelix" > I think most anyone here would be a trip to hang out with.

If I ever get rich, I plan to fly everyone out at my expense wherever I
Flights, hotel, along with tons of food, wine, cocktails and beer will be
complementary. A first reunion party. We will jam!!!!

Oh, and security will be provided as well. I mean a security force and a
paramilitary unit too.