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can't get the em db control page
Hi i have 11g installed on redhat 5.1, and i can't seem to get the enterprise manager db control page. If i try http://myserver:1158/em/ i get a binary file of some sort. That is, my browser (firefox) opens a dialog "You have chosen to open (but doesn't give a filename) which is a: BIN file from: ..." and asks ... 24 Jul 2008 15:59
Hello, I am trying to run a long sql script that creates tables, triggers and procedures etc. I ran the same script on 9i some time ago and it worked OK - but 10G barfs on CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW as follows: DROP USER getreports CASCADE; CREATE USER getreports IDENTIFIED BY getreports DEFAULT TABLESPACE getr... 3 Jul 2008 10:26
problem to opening isqlplus
Hi i am using oracle 10g R2 (vista release) on windows vista home Premium machine when i try to start isqlplus i get this error. CNTService::Install,Failed call to open SCM,Error:5,Access is denied. after clicking OK on this window i get Failed to start the service,Error:0, the operation completed successfully. ... 26 Jun 2008 03:18
dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats with the option gather_auto
Hi, is there a possibility to use the dbms_stats package on schema level to just see which tables would be affected by the gather_auto option? I want first see which tables would be analyzed depending on the output I want to start the dbms_stats package for this schema, or maybe just for some less tables of th... 24 Jun 2008 11:16
Do all the legs of an "OR" with null comparisons get executed?
On Mar 30, 5:59 pm, Arthernan <arther...(a)> wrote: On Mar 29, 12:43 pm, Charles Hooper <hooperc2...(a)> wrote: On Mar 28, 5:43 pm, Arthernan <arther...(a)> wrote: If I do an explain plan of the statement below I can see that the "and" clauses that have MMDDOB=NULL do n... 2 Apr 2008 06:00
how to increase hardnofiles & softnofiles on SUSE SLES9
"codadilupo" <codadilupo(a)> schreef in bericht news:47824a1f$0$21209$5fc30a8(a) Maxim Demenko wrote: Don't have sles by hand, but on RH based systems it can be configured via /etc/security/limits.conf Thank you Maxim, the problem was that the ulimit settings for user ... 9 Jan 2008 03:31
Oracle 11g: Java Stored Procedures - ORA 1031
Working environment: Oracle , on several OS platforms Nor working environment: Oracle on Windows XP Pro. The problem: JSP(Java Stored Procedure) and Wrapper PL/SQL package are own by user Schema1. User Schema1 Grants EXECUTE on Wrapper PL/SQL package to user Schema2. User Schema2 can... 10 Jan 2008 13:38
11g upgrade - DBUA0 instance
Could someone tell me what is this DBUA0 instance ? I am playing around with Suse Linux 10.2, using dbua to upgrade a 10.2 instance to 11g. The instance is pretty basic, it doesn't even have the sample schemas installed and partitioning is the only extra featured installed. OEM was configured to run locally. Eve... 6 Jan 2008 15:04
Oracle 10g - db_recovery_file_dest and db_recovery_file_dest_size
Hello all, I am trying to set up Oracle for Dataguard in 10g for a Physical standby and its working correctly. Now I have the following doubt : When we create a database using dbca, the Flash database window allows you to enter the place where you want this to happen and there is a default size of 2048 MB . No... 3 Jan 2008 02:06
High JS kgl get object wait
Hi, In one of our production database response time of transactions suddenly went down. When we have investigated in awr report it reports high JS kgl get object wait. JS kgl get object wait 4,054 306 76 15.3 Administra Anyone having any idea on this wait event. Regards As... 29 Dec 2007 06:44
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