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tablespace management
working in enterpise on windows nt / have truncated many objects from a tablespace...rman backups reduced by 400g but can't shrink any datafiles..only 2 objects left in ts Please could you advise on options to free up physical space used / do i have to move the 2 objects or could i rebuild in situ ... 11 Jan 2010 15:20
How you can save fuel and the environment
Driving and Car Maintenance: Transportation accounts for 66% of U.S. oil use -mainly in the form of gasoline. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve gas mileage. Driving Tips:- Idling gets you 0 miles per gallon. The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it. No more than 30 seconds of idling on winter... 10 Jan 2010 15:12
Minus Operator with Missing Column
I'm trying to find the records in Table A, that are not in Table B. So I thought the Minus set operator would be a good tool to use. select count(*) from tbl_A ; -- 21265 rows select a.person_id from tbl_A a minus select b.person_id from tbl_B b -- 1399 rows So far that looks good. Now I... 11 Jan 2010 01:05
LONG to CLOB within a trigger - alternative to synching data values?
Hi ------------------------- Oracle 10g R2 Windows Server 2003 ------------------------- I realise it is not possible to reference the :new.longcolumn when the longcolumn is of datatype LONG. We have a legacy table with a LONG column. We wanted to transition this to a CLOB but actually modif... 9 Jan 2010 16:17
Extracting 2.5 million rows
Hey all, I was looking for some guidance. I need to do some stat analysis on a production audit table. One problem is that there are no indexes on the audit table and spooling via sqlplus would take years. Using Export on the server, the disk space required for the dmp file is about 40 G ( per the DBA ). ... 12 Jan 2010 12:55
Quick move tablespace
Hi, I have to move a big tablespace with a minimum of offline time. So is it possible to do: - alter tablespace begin backup - cp datafiles - alter tablespace end backup - alter tablespace offline - recover tablespace - alter tablespace online Thanks for your help ... 9 Jan 2010 18:29
Timestamp in the trace files
I am analyzing a trace file and the developer asked me when has this event taken place: ===================== PARSING IN CURSOR #3 len=159 dep=0 uid=141 oct=3 lid=141 tim=1233122414291746 hv=3402358638 ad='9a174550' select folderarti0_.segment# as col_0_0_, folderarti0_.FOLDER# as col_1_0_ from FOLDER_ARTI... 6 Jan 2010 18:46
Oracle DBA Required Urgently in Blythewood, SC
PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME AT anant.mehra(a) or you can reach me at 201 484 7939 Extn:383 Manages and maintains all production and non-production databases. Responsible for standards and design of physical data storage, maintenance, access and security administration. Performs backup and recov... 6 Jan 2010 13:07
Oracle 10g RAC on IBM DS 3400 ?
On 10 Nov 2009, 12:42, Bruce <brucemcgill....(a)> wrote: Hi,    Is Oracle 10g RAC certified on IBM DS 3400 storage with RH Linux and ASM for database files? I thought it was DS 4700 and onwards that was certified for Oracle RAC? Best Regards, Bruce I've been running 11g RAC on IBM DS 3... 6 Jan 2010 08:28
Query with NULL
Hi, I have a lot of queries like below: select * from bxat.no5 WHERE (no0_session_id = :wp18 OR :wp18 IS NULL) AND (tbname = :wp19 OR :wp19 IS NULL) so an access full on no5 How can I speed up this query ? Thanks in advance (Oracle ... 6 Jan 2010 08:28
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