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Database feed file changed from CSV to XML
Hi all, Will SQL Loader be able to handle this or will I need to create and XML DB? Cheers, TB3101 ... 8 Mar 2010 16:23
Standalone CRS and ASM
Group, I've installed Grid Infrastructure 11.2 However, there are no start/stop scripts in /etc/init.d to start crs. Right now we are using ../crs_start -all Any clue why script might be missing? ... 5 Mar 2010 12:47
Cannot change ARCHIVELOG-MODE via EM
Hi, I connected to an Oracle 10.2 via Enterprise Manager (EM) as sysdba. The checkbox to enable/disable Archivelog-Mode is disabled (grayed out). Why? Thank you! ... 12 Mar 2010 03:55
Automatic Segment Space Management
I have some old SQL scripts that use PCTFREE and PCTUSED. As now we have 10g, should I modify the scripts using ASSM instead of PCTFREE and PCTUSED? Thanks in advance. ... 5 Mar 2010 15:03
use tlm
I saw some Oracle developers built sql scripts and they add "use tlm;" at the first line to the scripts. Does anyone know what it meant ? Thanks ... 4 Mar 2010 10:02
RMAN question
Hi, We're running Oracle 10g R2. I'm restoring a copy of the database onto a different server. Our retention period is 21 days, with an Incremental Level 0 each Sunday. For this restore, I really only need to start with the last Incremental Level 0, as that is a backup of the entire database. But when we... 3 Mar 2010 21:58
Spying on queries from application?
Hi all We have a management programme, which uses Oracle DB. We (I) also make some intranet stuff etc for this system, which uses the same DB. Now I need to track what this programme does, meaning I want to know which tables it uses etc for certain actions. The programme is not made by us, we just have our ow... 6 Mar 2010 12:57
SELECT in problem
Good morning people. I need quiet an odd help in here. Let me see if I can explain it. I have an SELECT WHERE IN (<list of ids>). Let us say that I sent the following list of ids: 1, 2 and 3. There is only resulting records for the ID = 3, but I'd like to see all the ids, even if they don't have records... I ... 4 Mar 2010 14:37
The penny hasn't dropped yet...
Maybe there should be a poll on this. I don't like OCM and I don't use it. I rarely upload RDA output files either. Hemant K Chitale ... 8 Mar 2010 05:18
simple query to view matching record and count
I have the following table Student:marks Steve:90 Sam:85 Sue:95 Mark:75 Steve:100 Mark:81 Sue:92 Sue:94 What query would provide me a list of all students with names beginning with S and the number of records they are present in? i.e Steve 2 Sam 1 Sue 3 Thanks, C ... 3 Mar 2010 16:23
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