From: Andrea on
I don't understand. I have that setting checked off. What does unchecking it
have to do with Acrobat, or are these two different issues?

Diane Poremsky [MVP] wrote:
> I think its a template in word, and yes, it will prevent you from
> using the acrobat features to save documents. You could check the
> setting in word to not warn before saving the template - it's in
> office icon, word options: I don't
> have acrobat installed on an office 2007 computer to verify that
> setting will fix it.
> "Andrea" <andreawkNOSPAM(a)> wrote in message
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>> How do I disable it in Word? Where is the registry key? And if I
>> disable it, will I still be able to save a Word document to PDF and
>> also use the features of Adobe to edit it? Thanks.
>> Andrea
>> Diane Poremsky [MVP] wrote:
>>> The reading pane is safe to use - its actually slightly safer than
>>> opening messages, at least in versions since Outlook 98.
>>> I'm pretty sure it's the acrobat addin for word - try disabling it
>>> in word's options and see if it helps.
>>> "Andrea" <andreawkNOSPAM(a)> wrote in message
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>>>> You're right. I was mistaken; it doesn't happen in the reading
>>>> pane. I don't usually use the reading pane, but if that will solve
>>>> the problem, I will. Does that increase my chances of getting a
>>>> computer virus? I had read awhile ago that some are spread through
>>>> email (not just the attachments), but I'm not sure if that turned
>>>> out to be true. To answer your other questions, it happens with
>>>> all documents: Word,
>>>> Excel, PDF files. I do have Adobe 9 installed, and I followed the
>>>> instructions from the link you sent. I changed it in the Add/Remove
>>>> Programs as directed, and it took a long time, but it seemed as if
>>>> it installed rather than uninstalled and afterwards the Adobe
>>>> option was still on my Outlook toolbar. I then went into the
>>>> registry and changed the loading. It's no longer on my toolbar--at
>>>> least until the next update--and I rebooted, but the problem isn't
>>>> resolved. Andrea
>>>> Diane Poremsky [MVP] wrote:
>>>>> It should never happen in the reading pane since the attachment is
>>>>> read only.
>>>>> Does it happen with every attachment or only word documents? Do
>>>>> you have Acrobat installed? If so, see
>>>>> If not, what addins
>>>>> are installed in the program that is opening the attachment?
>>>>> "Andrea" <andreawkNOSPAM(a)> wrote in message
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>>>>>> Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] wrote:
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>>>>>>>> I guess I don't consider opening a document changing it, and I
>>>>>>>> never got this message in Office 2003. What I need is a way to
>>>>>>>> disable this as a default. Can anyone help?
>>>>>>> Are you opening the attachment from the Reading Pane or from an
>>>>>>> open message? Does the behavior change if you try the alternate?
>>>>>>> There's no option in Outlook that controls this. It happens in
>>>>>>> Outlook 2003 as well.
>>>>>> I don't use the reading pane, but I just tried it, and it doesn't
>>>>>> make any difference. The behavior's the same. I don't remember
>>>>>> having this happen with Outlook 2003. Does it happen to everyone
>>>>>> or is there some combination of settings that makes it do this?