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>> Hello:
>> I could not be during the Palm Sunday procession but I took this photo
>> about
>> the Altar before Mass:
>> Thanks for your technical comments about photography
> If those are supposed to be Apostles, isnt one of them missing? Maybe
> Judas (he was a negro, wasn't he--that's who he was in Hair). Is that
> character in the center supposed to be Jesus? Is the one to the right
> of him, reaching to him, supposed to be Doubting Thomas inspecting his
> wounds?

Yes, there is not Judas, because the institution of the Last Supper, Judas
was no longer present, and the another person that you mentioned, also can
be Pedro, for his impulsive character.

> Why is the main character's face shadowed? If you used a flash youi
> might have been able to correct that. Or was it intentional?
> What's with the trap door in the ceiling? Was that put there in
> anticipation of the Ascencion?

That part is usually a little dark because after It is illuminated by
artificial light that comes from that part of the roof, after I will taking
a photo with that lighting.


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