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>> The problem with Miguel is, he does not get that evangelizing and
>> proselytizing his religion, regardless of how pious he is, is to say the
>> least, to me and some others here, offensive. I enjoy good old
>> non-sectarian shots. If we have to have shots of paces of worship, or
>> religious buildings, or ruins, let us appreciate those images for what
>> they are. Don't try and convert me, I am not convertible since I sank into
>> atheism 45 years ago.
> A pox on those who seem to
> be dedicated to ruining this for folks like me.
My way, or the highway, eh?!?

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> Wow. A semi-smart-person. Who'da thunk it possible in this newsgroup!

For many years my kids didn't think I knew anything. I guess sometime during
their college education they learned that I just might know something.
I almost had a heart attack the first time one of them actually asked for