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>> On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 01:30:55 -0700, "Russell D." <rmd(a)> wrote:
>> : If any of you are going to be in the Provo/Salt Lake City, Utah (USA),
>> : area in the next couple of months, I highly recommend the "From
>> : Daguerreotype to Digital: A History of Photography" exhibit at the
>> : Harold B. Lee Library on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo. I
>> : attended it today an really enjoyed it. It was informative, very
>> : educational and very well presented. I was not aware that there had been
>> : so many different ways of taking and processing photos. My only
>> : complaint was that there was not a pamphlet or brochure of some kind to
>> : help me remember the things that I learned.
>> Sounds interesting. I'd love to visit the beautiful state of Utah again; but,
>> alas, I don't expect to be there anytime soon.
>> : On the way back to my car I passed through the Harris Fine Arts Center
>> : and enjoyed a delightful but small (16 photos) student photo exhibit
>> : called ". . . and then the cops came." The exhibited photos each had an
>> : accompanying story by the photographers of their encounter with the law
>> : while they were taking the photograph.
>> I suppose it's reassuring that that exhibit was small!
>I rather like it when a friendly cop comes over to find out what I'm
>up to, is reassured by my replies, and we sometimes go on to have a
>friendly conversation. The problem arises when the cop is hostile and
>is not reassured.

Yes, one of my neighbours (and friends) is in the Force. I've also had
a good chat with a couple of guys carrying sub-machine-guns at the
nearby nuclear power station (they warned me about the non-Police
security guards)

>Or when the cop isn't initially hostile, but doesn't like the hostile
>attitude of the photographer. Some people are rude to the police as a
>matter of course. It's often quite easy to provoke police into
>treating you badly.

Sometimes just breathing is enough.

I also knew a couple of ex-Police, one an Ex-Inspector, who left
precisely because they didn't like the way they were being pressured
to act against the public. OTOH I also knew another who left because
he didn't approve of not being allowed to take people round the back
and give them a good slapping. He spent his lunch hour walking round
the car parks checking for expired tax discs.
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On 2010-03-17 12:28:29 -0700, Albert Ross <spam(a)> said:
> Why doesn't anyone sell rubber Moebius strips?

They just wouldn't know which side to display as up.



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>>>> Neighbours from hell don't get evicted because they have children and
>>>> they
>>>> know it so there's no control on them ruining peoples lives. These
>>>> children
>>>> have no incentive to perform and know they can get away with murder so
>>>> disrupt school classes with impunity. And so the cycle of low
>>>> aspirations
>>>> and abuse continues. The system that's meant to drive progress and
>>>> protect society ends up encouraging the thing it's meant to stop.
>>> Kids today can't even bring rubber bands to their algebra class.
>>> Rube bands are considered weapons of math disruption.
>>As a matter of fact, rubber bands make an excellent tool for explaining
>>ratios to children.....You mark three spots along the unstretched band,
>>then show how the distance ratio remains the same when the band is
> Why doesn't anyone sell rubber Moebius strips?

Or Klein bottles


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>> Why doesn't anyone sell rubber Moebius strips?

> Or Klein bottles

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>>> Why doesn't anyone sell rubber Moebius strips?
>> Or Klein bottles

I didn't read your reply before posting, so Jinx applies.
However, none of those bottles are made of rubber.