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Next Melbourne PUG meeting 6:30pm Monday 10th of May @ Horse Bazaar
Meeting details, location and talks list are at: It looks like we've got a few cool talks lined up: 15 minute talks - None yet... suggest one! 5 minute talks - Load-balancing xmlrpclib/jsonrpclib for robust distributed applications (Andreux Fort) .... please fe... 4 May 2010 03:31
Rockin phone u r rit
I wasnt intend to buy any of the samsung phones. but i was fascinated of its new corby series and buy this phone. really amazing phone with lots social networking programs. i have written more on This phone is worth to buy. ... 4 May 2010 02:26
Sphinx hosting
Say you have a project with a lot of documentation in the form of Sphinx pages (for instance a book project). What is the the easiest way to publish it on the Web? I see that GitHub Pages allows you to publish static pages, but I would need to check in both the .rst sources and the .html output: it is not that anno... 10 May 2010 12:04
Recursive functions not returning lists as expected
Would a kind soul explain something basic to a python noob? Why doesn't this function always return a list? def recur_trace(x,y): print x,y if not x: return y recur_trace(x[1:], y + [x[0]]) Here are a couple sample runs. print(recur_trace([],[1,2,3])) [] [1,2,3] [1,2,3] So that worked... 4 May 2010 17:57
repeat tkinter
How can I make a command within a tkinter application repeat itself over and over in intervals of a certain time. Thanks, -Robin ... 4 May 2010 03:31
is there a variable for the member's email address in the msg_footer? the one the message is being sent to? thanks.... ... 3 May 2010 22:02
PyQt Ram Usage
Hi, I am new to Python (and programming so pardon my ignorance) I have a small PyQt program that lives in windows system tray. I am using Suds & ElemetTree to do webservices call and parse XML. I have a QTimer that runs every 30 seconds and fetches the updated data from the server. Finally, the python script is "... 3 May 2010 18:42
duplicate temporary file?
Laszlo Nagy wrote: However, it won't work for temporary files. Temporary files are just file-like objects, and their name is '<fdopen>'. I guess I could open a temporary file with, and then use os.dup, but that is low level stuff. Then I have to use os.* methods, and the file object won't be iter... 3 May 2010 16:27
Django as exemplary design
I'm interested in improving my python design by studying a large, well-designed codebase. Someone (not a python programmer) suggested Django. I realize that Django is popular, but can someone comment on whether its code is well-designed and worth studying? Thanks, -Tom ... 13 May 2010 09:21
long int computations
I have two long ints, both too long to convert to float, but their ratio is something reasonable. How can I compute that? The obvious "(1.*x)/y" does not work. Victor. -- Victor Eijkhout -- eijkhout at tacc utexas edu ... 6 May 2010 05:15
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