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On 2010-03-11 14:20:46 +1000, Glennbo <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> said:

> In news:2010031115062216807-Tropidechis(a)nonecom the killer robot
> Tropidechis <Tropidechis(a)> grabbed the controls of the spaceship
> and pressed these buttons...
>>>>>> I can't seem to find a similar command in Reason. Am I barking up
>>>>>> the wrong tree looking for this function in Reaper?
>>>>> Sorry I meant "find a similar command in Reaper" :(
>>>> Glennbo might be able to chime in. I bought my license last night
>>>> and I am too new to help you. Sorry!
>>> I don't know if there is a function like that in Reaper or not
>>> either, because I seldom if ever use any quantizing. If I don't like
>>> a track's groove, I record it again until I do.
>> Each to his own I suppose. I find groove extraction is very useful.
> Not knocking it. If it exists in Reaper, I've not seen it, simply
> because I've never looked for it.

I didn't think you were knocking - no problems. I am pretty sure now
that the function doesn't exist but there might be a plugin which does
it, however seeing that most people use Reaper on Windows I doubt that
there would be an OSX plugin unless of course it was a JS jobbie.

From: malachi on

"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message
> The killer robot Ben Berman <no(a)> grabbed the controls of the
> spaceship and pressed these buttons...
>> This is usually Glennbo's line, but apparently he's buried under over at
>> his studio where rumor has it his next tune will be 3 MINUTES LONG ! ! !
> Yes, call CNN get the cameras rolling to document this rare happening!!!
> ;)
Man, don't forget to take some extra food and water into the studio with

Stop for a while if you feel dizzy.


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