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<Bob tries for his place in the sun by piling-on, hoping to distract people
from the lies Phildo just got caught in>

Bob if you're so busy with your pro life, why are you playing second fiddle
to Phildo?

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> Right, and some of them are AAPLS regulars who are very self-righteous
> about their rather obviously limited technical skills and poor
> understanding of audio technology.

There's Arny, jealous of the real sound professionals as usual. Pathetic
really but he's way beyond pity.


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On Fri, 20 Nov 2009 00:40:11 -0500, McSteve wrote:

> Showing a lack of common sense,
> "Michael Dobony" wrote:
>> You really think I could
>> get a great price from some Chinese knockoff?
> It's possible. You'd only have to find a fool as gullible
> as you to buy them.
>> Yet the experienced and accomplished musicians like my mixing,
> According to you. Anyone can come into an NG making unsupported
> claims about their abilities.
> The simple fact is that you have repeatedly posted nonsense on this
> NG. That alone reveals what you know about the work. Your posts
> tell the tale. You're an amateur hack. You have no business giving
> anyone advice on the subject. I believe I've said this before: You should
> post less and just shut up and pay attention. You might learn something.
> But, given your inflated sense of self, I don't think that's likely.
>> If asked to work for anyone here I would flatly refuse. Nor would I hire
>> anyone from here for the sole reason of attitudes like yours.
> You couldn't hire anyone 'from here' because you couldn't afford it.
> And, I don't think you'll have to worry about being in the unfortunate
> position of having to say "no" to an offer of work stemming from this NG.
>> Rebellion and
>> arrogance are instant disqualifications for any job no matter what the
>> field.
> No "rebellion" or "arrogance". Just hard facts. You are a know-nothing.
>> Practice makes permanent, but not necessarily perfect. There are lots of
>> people here and in many other fields that have lots of experience, but
>> can't do an adequate job.
> The true test of someone's adequacy is how often they work, and
> where they work. Plus, how much they are paid for that work.
> Give us a list of the projects you've worked on. If you're such
> an accomplished pro, I'm sure that would impress us all.
>> Now, what does this have to do with feedback?
> Nothing. And that's not the point. I was advising someone who knows
> even less than you do that they shouldn't pay attention to what you write.
> Given that all you are capable of is parrotting others or dispensing bad
> info that you seemingly pull out of your nether regions.

Yet you have totally failed to keep to the subject and have reverted to
your failing psychic powers to say what I can and can not afford. You have
slanderously assumed that I bought mics that were there long before I was
there and possibly before I was even in the state. You have conveniently
failed to address any "bad info" I have given. You accuse me of lying, but
are too cowardly to prove any of your accusations.

Again, address the core issue, what is wrong with my advice?
From: McSteve on
"Michael Dobony" whined:
> .....have reverted to
> your failing psychic powers

I never claimed to be "psychic". You really are a nutbag.

> what is wrong with my advice?

It comes from *you*. Simple as that.

BTW - It's not slander if it's true.

Steve <snip> McQ

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On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 14:57:30 -0500, McSteve wrote:

> "Michael Dobony" whined:
>> .....have reverted to
>> your failing psychic powers
> I never claimed to be "psychic". You really are a nutbag.

You take the position of psychic when you make claims about me without
knowing me.

>> what is wrong with my advice?
> It comes from *you*. Simple as that.

So you admit you are a bigot!
> BTW - It's not slander if it's true.

Which is exactly WHY it is slander, it is absolutely untrue.