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> On Tue, 17 Nov 2009 19:11:46 -0500, McSteve wrote:
>> "Michael Dobony" threw his sippy cup on the floor and wrote:
>>> ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I have
>>> encountered
>>> LOTS of illogic from the regulars of this newsgroup. Many, if not most,
>>> have exhibited zero critical thinking skills, and do not even know what
>>> critical thinking is. You are showing signs of being one of them.
>> Right. Tell me once again about these one-of-a-kind omni 58s you
>> own. You should put them up on ebay. I'm sure they'd fetch a
>> princely sum due to their rarity.
> You need to clean out your memory. I do NOT own them, nor did I purchase
> them. I "inherited" them and they are long gone. You really think I could
> get a great price from some Chinese knockoff? And what does this have to
> do
> with the feedback problem?
>>> When have ANY of you regulars heard me mix?
>> I think we'd all have to answer "no", fortunately.
> Yet the experienced and accomplished musicians like my mixing, one of
> which
> is a former professional symphony musician, talented in playing a
> multitude
> of instruments.
>>> Yet my skills have been totally condemned by those who have NEVER heard
>>> me.
>>> That is called prejudice.
>> Any person who's been doing this line of work in a professional setting
>> for any length of time can tell you have limited knowledge just by the
>> hair-brained misguided stuff you've posted here over time. It's called
>> "spotting a phoney".
> Yet my "stuff" is proven and confirmed by experience and manufacturers and
> science.
>>> Several years of running sound and successfully troubleshooting sound
>>> problems.
>> According to you. We can only assess your relative experience by
>> what you write in this NG. I can honestly say that you come off as
>> an amateur 'volunteer' type with very little real world experience.
>> Put it this way...If I needed crew for a job and I felt compelled to
>> recruit
>> help from this NG, you would not be one I'd consider. In fact, that list
>> of candidates would be pretty short for a number of reasons. Some not
>> skill related.
> If asked to work for anyone here I would flatly refuse. Nor would I hire
> anyone from here for the sole reason of attitudes like yours. Rebellion
> and
> arrogance are instant disqualifications for any job no matter what the
> field.
> The last time I asked a question here all I got was personal insults and
> advice that resembled Huck Finn's tying looking at a new moon over your
> left shoulder and dying. My question was answered intelligently off list
> because he was afraid to give an honest answer publicly due to the sick
> attitudes of the regular posters.
>> Just recently there was a thread devoted to experience and current
>> status within the field. Go find it and read through various people's
>> entries. Then, ask your self where you fall in the scale of things
>> relative to many of the other folk's CVs.
> Practice makes permanent, but not necessarily perfect. There are lots of
> people here and in many other fields that have lots of experience, but
> can't do an adequate job. There are lots of people who take to their
> careers almost instantly. I have worked with people who have had lots of
> experience doing the wrong thing and with beginners who can do a much
> better job than the "pros." Years of experience does not prove anything.
> Now, what does this have to do with feedback? What specifically do you
> have
> against the advice I gave? Actually, I have something against the advice
> I
> gave when pondering further on the OP's situation with regard to the
> autoEQ. With minimal setup time for such things as weddings and such he is
> likely not the only one setting up. This means lots of noise with chairs,
> tables and decorations being set up. An autoEQ will not work well in this
> situation. Learning to set up a 31 band eq quickly is the only reliable
> option in those situations (a major step up from the 4 band he has now).
> It
> shouldn't take that long to pop in a sample CD and eq the room. Of course
> nothing will help when a guest refuses to listen to instruction on how to
> adequately handle a mic. I like the one term someone use3d, magic wand.
> "If
> I am holding the mic I can speak softly and it will pick up my voice if I
> hold it at my belt." Yea, right.
> Now unless you are ready to address my response to the OP, this is the
> last
> time I will respond to your childish insults. You and George have done a
> more than adequate job of proving my point.
> Mike D.

Mike I think you ought have your god use that satnav systm to help you find
your brain. It is clearly missing

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"Michael Dobony" <survey(a)> wrote in message
> Again, address the core issue, what is wrong with my advice?

99.9% of the time it is wrong.

I think that is simple enough for you to understand, even with your limited
intellect. Mind you, Arny still hasn't grasped such a simple concept so you
never know.


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"Michael Dobony" claimed:
> this is the last time I will respond

So much for that promise.

Steve <snip> McQ

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"Michael Dobony" whined:
> You have slanderously assumed that I bought mics
> that were there long before I was
> there and possibly before I was even in the state.

This is what you consider "slander"? You're even dumber
than I previously thought.
How you came into posssession/use of these mics is beside
the point. You can claim that a man on a flaming pie came
down from the heavens and bestowed them upon you. That
doesn't change the idiotic position you stick to about a Shure 58
being an "omni" mic. The fact that some other fool bought them
from or through you does not support your stupid claim, either.
I really don't have the time or inclination to search the Google archives
for more of your dumbass posts. All I know is that you've proven that
you know very little about live audio, and should not be dispensing
advice to people as inexperienced as you are.

Steve <snip> McQ