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kramdown 0.1.0 - first relase of fast, pure Ruby Markdownparser
Thomas Leitner wrote: * Supports common Markdown extension (similar to Maruku) [Syntax]: Thanks for this gem and especially for the extensions! -- vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407 ... 28 Nov 2009 13:26
Do the inplace edit without backup file generated.
Hi all, Can I do the inplace edit without backup file generated by using ruby? Best regards. -- ..: Hongyi Zhao [ hongyi.zhao AT ] Free as in Freedom :. ... 27 Nov 2009 02:17
Pattern match to fail if two periods in a row
Ok ... I really tried. And I used (really nice) And I read and reread the pickaxe book section on regular expressions. In other words ... I tried. So .. How does one create an expression that fails if there are two or more periods (e.g. "..") in a row? ... 28 Nov 2009 01:29
Net::Telnet - How to send keystrokes like ESC
Hi Could you pls let me know how I can send in keystrokes such as ENTER and ESC to a telnet session. I have the session created using -- Posted via ... 26 Nov 2009 16:28
Heatmaps in Ruby
Hi, I am currently thinking about doing a heatmap for data visualization, but I have very little experience with any type of graphical tools in ruby (like the various SVG libs etc). So I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction and save me some time trying out useless libraries ;) Doesn't have ... 27 Nov 2009 16:40
Net::SSH and STDIN / Pending jobs
Hi, I am writing a library that allows the user to run some commands over SSH into a server and I have two problems right now: 1) The code get stuck whenever the executed code needs STDIN, it just sits there. How can I indicate that my STDIN is not interactive using Net::SSH? 2) When the user runs backgroun... 26 Nov 2009 08:38
DRB class in array
hi, i would like to store an array of this very simple class on a drb server class IEB_wrapper1 attr_accessor :status def initialize @status="ready" end end the object on the drb server is an array: dump=[] DRb.start_service "druby://BLA:55555", dump if a client modifies the status variable of... 9 Dec 2009 12:08
Ruby gem , require and version problem
Hi, I am trying to specify the version a gem, which is installed in two versions under slightly different names as a result of forked projects which we now intend to merge back. Looks like this in 'gem list' ruby-foo-bar (0.9.2) foo-bar (0.9) Both are supposedly required with: require 'bar' Now, I nee... 26 Nov 2009 05:22
welcome here ... 24 Nov 2009 14:29
Game Development, anyone?
[Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.] As someone who recently began recruiting for social games, I've noticed that many ruby on rails developers love games, but gravitate towards web development. Very few people realize that social games can essentially be seen as a segment of the ... 24 Nov 2009 13:22
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