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Querying records. HELP!
I'm new to this language so i don't know much of it. I'm trying to query records to show it in the list view in the web. This is the line of sql that I'm trying to produce: SELECT source FROM table WHERE source LIKE '%CMS%'. Can someone help me on this? And can you show displaying the records that i've gathered ste... 13 Apr 2010 07:15
Help required with dm-geokit
I have been using dm-geokit ( plugin with Datamapper (0.10.2). However it is causing issue when I am using dm-validations plugin. There is a auto-validation that is always failing "Address value has to be of Type String". I have to use dm-validations for other fields . Any ... 13 Apr 2010 05:04
Rorth v0.3 released
Hello! I am writing a programing language in Ruby called Rorth. It started life as a forth interpreter, but quickly morphed into its own language. You can find Rorth at Features: Conditionals! Loops! An Interactive System! Stack Based! Pure Ruby! Fairly Simple Code! Op... 13 Apr 2010 20:41
Method to groom a string to floating point representation
I have a program that asks for the user to enter a string that represents a floating point number. Everytime a new character is typed I want a method that checks to make sure the string makes sense as a floating point number, and if not, deletes any bad characters. For instance, if the user enters '4.5e+6.7' I wa... 14 Apr 2010 12:07
VTD-XML 2.8 has been released. Please visit to download the latest version. a.. Expansion of Core VTD-XML API a.. VTDGen adds support for capturing white spaces b.. VTDNav adds support for suport for getContentFragment(), recoverNode() and cloneNav() ... 12 Apr 2010 21:27
Pagination problem
I have a filter function on my page so I can see the only records that I want to but my problem is, in my pagination I only alot 100 record a page and everytime I click the 2 or next it always brings me the 2nd page of the whole record not the filtered ones. -- Posted via ... 12 Apr 2010 22:33
Thread to handle an execute command and wait for output
Hi, I am struggling to do following, 1. I want to execute a client on command line and wait for a output....(myClient) 2. execute another command which will make the above client output something.... (grabtest /VERSION) 3. Grab the output from the client....and do something.... I have following but it... 12 Apr 2010 18:08
My application doesn't work well
Hi everybody, My application isn't working well. Let me try to explain what's wrong. When I run my program appears something like: ruby pedrapapeltesoura.rb Digite pedra, papel ou tesoura: pedra 1 tesoura pedra alguem ganhou This 1 that appears above is the value of resultSorteio variable, the content o... 13 Apr 2010 13:55
error: www deprecation notice
Hi, I get the following deprecation error saying that !!!!! DEPRECATION NOTICE !!!!! The WWW constant is deprecated, please switch to the new top-level Mechanize constant. WWW will be removed in Mechanize version 2.0 You've referenced the WWW constant from ./xxxxx.rb:22:in `initialize', please switch the... 12 Apr 2010 17:01
Automated image combining to improve page load speeds
On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Tony Arcieri <tony.arcieri(a)> wrote: I'm wondering if someone has written a similar Ruby wrapper for automatically combining multiple images into a single image ... From there CSS positioning is used to display the relevant portions of this image. Does su... 12 Apr 2010 14:46
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