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It combines the values of all the specified cells.

"Rebecca" wrote:

> I apologize for asking such an incredibly newbie question, but I simply can't
> get this to work, despite reading the help files and searching this forum. I
> am using Windows 7 and newly purchased Excel 2007.
> I have a column A with the following words (this is a simple, made-up
> example): in
> A1 The
> A2 book
> A3 is
> A4 on
> A5 the
> A6 shelf.
> I want to CONCATENATE them into one sentence in one cell. I can get
> CONCATENATE to work in one row of cells in two or more columns, but I can't
> get it to work in several rows of cells in the same column. Could you please
> explain in detail how this can be done? Thanks.