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[Samba] samba rejecting machine accounts
Hi! I use Debian Sarge + Samba 3.0.22 + OpenLDAP 2.2.23 Server for a domain controller. Once a month i have to rejoin windows XP clients to the domain, because samba thinks they're not in the domain(users cannot log in). The error message found in each machine log: _net_auth2: creds_server_check failed. ... 27 Jun 2006 13:35
[Samba] auth_script_init
Trying to build samba-3.0.22. When compiling auth/auth.c, I get no warnings or errors. When linking bin/smbd, I get an "undefined reference to auth_script_init". The configure output said it would build auth_script as static. I'm not really sure how to get around this. Any ideas? Thanks, - Jeremiah ... 8 Jun 2006 12:42
[Samba] Transfer interruptions
Hi guys, Setup is as follows: SUSE 9.3 with all patches applied samba-3.0.13-1.1 kernel-default- Network card is: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5701 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 15) using the tg3 driver. From time to time I see this in my log.smbd: [2006/03/23 01:03:57, 0] lib/util_sock.c:r... 22 Mar 2006 20:04
[Samba] check_ntlm_password: Authentication for user FAILED with error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
Hi all I have a samba pdc with ldap (samba 3.0.21c with openldap 2.3.19) and 2 domain member servers(as file servers which are running samba 3.0.21c) . all my users are redirected to my files server to access the respective shares. when the logon script runs, the log file in the file server shows the following... 20 Mar 2006 07:56
[Samba] samba3.0.20b - nmbd error
I am attempting to setup a brand new samba3 domain. The WINS, DNS, DHCP and Samba are all be on MACHINNAME. I put the domain name and the WINS machine name as a hard coded entries in /var/lib/samba/wins.dat: "MACHINNAME" 0 66R "DOMAINNAME" 0 66R I still keep getting "Cannot... 13 Mar 2006 15:00
[Samba] Error Message
I am running FreeBSD 5.4 with Samba-3.0.21b,1 which is the latest version available for FreeBSD. I continually receive this error message: ges(a)seibercom ~ $ Mar 10 18:44:28 seibercom smbd[41038]: [2006/03/10 18:44:28, 0 ] lib/util_sock.c:read_data(529) Mar 10 18:44:28 seibercom smbd[41038]: read_data: rea... 11 Mar 2006 07:23
[Samba] getting samba to authenticate with kerberos/PAM
Hello, I reeeeally need someone's help here. I guide after guide from all sorts of sources but I still cannot get samba to authenticate a domain login via winbind off of the windows 2003 DC on our network. Here is what I can do: I can successfully do a kinit command and can verify the existance on the samba serv... 8 Mar 2006 14:31
[Samba] Running Samba-Swat on Ubuntu System
I'm running Ubuntu with samba 3.0.21a. Ubuntu has both Webmin and Samba-Swat for Samba Administration, but I prefer to use Samba-SWAT. The problem I have with Ubuntu, is the root user in deactivated. When I go to run Samba-Swat, I have to log on as a regular user, and I end up not having Global, Share, Wizard or Pi... 8 Jan 2006 12:12
[Samba] AD member server setup with winbind idmap_rid - users prompted fo r password
Question: How can I stop users from being prompted for a password? Is secrets.tdb needed? Do you think my problems are caused by having a different workgroup to realm? Problems: I've gone over samba-by-example on setting up idmap_rid with winbind quite a few times now. I also checked what JHT has said... 30 Dec 2005 02:37
[Samba] Winbind.log - invalid trustdom response?
I am recieving this error in the logs after upgrading the samba packages on a SuSE 9.3 box to Samba-3.0.21rc1. How can I resolve this? [2005/11/28 08:46:01, 0] lib/util_sid.c:string_to_sid(285) string_to_sid: Sid S-0-0 is not in a valid format. [2005/11/28 08:46:01, 0] nsswitch/winbindd_util.c:trustdom_recv(2... 28 Nov 2005 11:25
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