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[Samba] vscan + clamAV Ubuntu\Debian
Hi all, Does anyone know of a pre-built .deb to get vscan-clamav up and running under Ubuntu. If not, has anyone had any luck with alien to covert the rpm packages that are avalible. Sorry for the trouble however I have just spent days building a server and I dont want to have to manually compile samba. Ch... 10 Dec 2007 01:15
Re[2]: [Samba] INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid xxxx (3.0.26a)
Hello, Sunday, November 25, 2007, 2:48:23 PM, Volker Lendecke wrote: VL> This particular bug report is highly unlikely to be a Samba VL> problem. Also, I have a hard time to believe that you have VL> to really deinstall Samba after a system crash. It *is* VL> definitely possible to restart Samba from whatever ... 10 Dec 2007 01:14
NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS errors sporadically occurring
On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 09:51:18AM +1300, Jason Haar wrote: If I do a "nslookup domain.AD" I get a listing of all our valid DC 10.* addresses back - plus the unwanted 192.168 address - but it appears that sometimes winbind decides that is the valid address, and won't try any of the other addresses? And ... 10 Dec 2007 01:14
[Samba] _net_auth2: creds_server_check failed Error
Hi All I am trying to add my NAS server to the domain but i getthing this error. "_net_auth2: creds_server_check failed. Rejecting auth request from client NAS1 machine account NAS1$" It used to be working fine till a recent reboot of the NAS machine. I am using SAMBA + LDAP and i have also tried to removing... 10 Dec 2007 01:14
lib/util_str.c:safe_strcpy ERROR: string overflow by 1
On Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 05:53:39AM +0000, Ken Smith wrote: Ken Smith wrote: Hi, I've seeing the following error messages recorded in logwatch against samba in two FC6 XA-64 systems with samba 3.0.24-7. lib/util_str.c:safe_strcpy_fn(603) ERROR: string overflow by 1 (24 - 23) in safe_str... 10 Dec 2007 01:14
[Samba] 3.0.26a: error setting trust account password: NT code 0x1c010002
Trying to join a 3.0.23c pdc with 3.0.26a gives error: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ../net rpc join -S TESTPDC -Uroot%passwd [2007/10/18 19:49:35, 0] utils/net_rpc_join.c:net_rpc_join_newstyle(304) error setting trust account password: NT code 0x1c010002 U... 18 Oct 2007 14:45
[Samba] after winbind authentication: "no name associated with group-id 150000"
hi there, I'm having a debian-linux connecting to active directory on win2003 server. I use kerberos (krb5) and winbind for the whole scenario. after(!) successful authentication I get the error, that there is no name associated with group "150000". in german it sais: "id: Es ist kein Name zur Gruppen-ID 15000... 17 Sep 2007 03:08
[Samba] NT4 PDC -> Samba/LDAP PDC failing to work
Hi all: I am trying to migrate my NT4 domain to a samba server which uses an LDAP server on the backend for authentication This machine that I want to be the new PDC is running RHEL5 with samba 3.0.23c and an openldap 2.3.27 running on the same machine. I used the by-example page 14 Sep 2007 13:57
Truncate with libsmbclient
On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 07:43:26PM -0400, Francis Giraldeau wrote: So, I implemented a truncate function with libsmbclient. I would like to know if someone can give me some feedback about the patch, principaly about the usage of the smbclient API, to know if the patch is right. You copy stuff around??? Th... 20 Aug 2007 03:59
[Samba] "Failed to create Users" problem.
Hi everybody, I have been struggling to get my Windows XP box to be able to access my samba server. When samba starts, I see the following my my /var/log/samba/log.smb file: smbd version 3.0.25b-2.fc7 started. Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2007 [2007/07/31 20:22:43, 0] auth/au... 31 Jul 2007 22:02
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