From: VanguardLH on
Pamela wrote:

> After doing that I am able to use outlook, however every time I go to send
> a message> I click the link in craigslist posting to send a reply>it
> opens word as the email editor>I click send > It closes the word window
> with no indication whether the email was sent. I open up the Outlook
> interface and the message is in my outbox so I assum it was not sent.

Items that have been added programmatically to the Outbox folder do not
have Outlook send them. If Outlook isn't running, it obviously cannot send
any e-mails. Items were moved into its Outbox folder while Outlook was NOT
running. That means Outlook doesn't see the event (and that is what
triggers Outlook to know a newly added item is to get sent).

The "send immediately" option is triggered when you move an item into the
Outbox folder. That doesn't happen if the item is programmatically
generated. If Outlook is not currently loaded, only a stub of Outlook gets
loaded when you compose new e-mail. When you are done composing the new
message, the item gets added to the Outbox folder but then Outlook exits.
Since there is no longer an instance of Outlook running, it isn't around to
perform the next scheduled mail poll.

If Outlook wasn't running, you'll find the programmatically added items are
still sitting in the Outbox folder. Because Outlook didn't see the event,
you'll have to open the items and send them manually. For ease of use,
make sure Outlook is running when you compose new e-mails.

> I highlight it and click send > it then requires me to fill in one of
> those idenity things with scrambled letters & #s. Do you have to go
> through this whole production # just to send and emai in outlook?

That is the Outlook Connector relaying to you the security page that proves
you are human using the Hotmail account instead of a spambot. As I recall,
using the webmail interface to Hotmail will also result in seeing that
intervening security page where you enter the characters shown in the
CAPTCHA image. Responding with the correct characters (via the Outlook
Connector or the webmail security page) results in your continued use of
the Hotmail account because the assumption is that a spambot couldn't
answer. I've probably seen that intervening webmail security page about 3
times in a year.

If the Outlook Connector add-on isn't working to relay your response back
to the CAPTCHA prompt on your Hotmail account, it should work to use the
webmail interface and respond to the CAPTCHA security page there. That's
why I wondered if you had used the webmail interface to your account.

Personally I feel the add-on is still too flaky and haven't bothered to
install it. I just use POP access to my Hotmail account. Something could
be interfering with the add-on passing on your input or the add-on is
flawed. Perhaps uninstalling the add-on, deleting all Hotmail accounts in
Outlook, and reinstalling the add-on would get it working again. You might
also consider rebooting into Windows' safe mode to see if the lack of
startup programs gets the add-on to work (which means you load something
that interferes with the add-on).

What other add-ons have you installed in Outlook? Might one of them be for
your anti-virus program? Have you yet tried disabling the superfluous
e-mail scanning in your anti-virus program?