From: Jose on
On Mar 20, 6:17 pm, "Roger R" <decoder.inva...(a)>
> > My Win XP system is working fine, however whenever I try to do a System
> > Restore it fails and I don't know why.
> Thanks to all who replied.
> The view here is that an anti virus programe is the most likely cause of the
> problem.
> I don't have Norton, but do have AVG Free v9.
> I checked out the AVG user forum where others have the same issue.
> A forum contributor is unable to complete a System Restore with AVG
> installed.
> The official response in the thread from AVG:
>     "There is no known issue with the System Restore function when AVG is
>     installed.
>     08-03-10
>     jirka82
>     Manager at AVG"
> So who is right ?
> And just to repeat, there are no problems with my Win XP pro Sp3, but System
> Restore is something I want to be able to use when needed, as it surely will
> be one day.
> Roger R

I would not say that is the view here. Those comments are from

AVG says "no known issue"? They did not say there is no issue and
what they mean they have not seen any issue with SR on the systems in
their lab they use for testing. It is a good safe response when there
"might" be a problem. The chances of their test environment being
identical to a troubled system are probably not favorable.

You say there are no problems with your Win XP pro Sp3 - would it be
better to say there are no known problems?

I think since even MS hints in their own documentation that Safe Mode
might be the ticket for SR not working in the manner you describe,
they must know something about it not working in Regular mode and they
don't know why either or it is too complicated.

SR is a popular target for malware and it could be broken in many ways
that have not been tested yet. I would sure not rely on SR for
anything - ever. If you are suspicious of it in any way, shape or
form and want to rely on it or it only works reliably in Safe Mode,
just reinstall SR - that always fixes it for me when I can get my
hands on a system like that.

I quit trying to figure it out and (and don't care if the known/
obvious things like Norton don't work), but I know how to fix it every

From: Roy Colson on
Had the same problem. I found that I could restore in the safe mode. Are you
using Zone Alarm I once read that may be the cause.

"Roger R" <decoder.invalid(a)> wrote in message
> My Win XP system is working fine, however whenever I try to do a System
> Restore it fails and I don't know why.
> In the distant past I have successfully run System Restore and returned
> the
> machine to an earlier time, so I am reasonably confident with its
> operation.
> When System Restore is opened the calender box shows each possible restore
> point date in bold. Selecting one of these, the dialogue box reports a
> valid system check point for that day. Proceeding with a selected date
> the
> system shuts down, restarts, fully loads then announces the system cannot
> be
> restored to the selected date and that no changes have been made. No
> reason
> is given. The system then operates as normal.
> Can it be that my operation of the application CCleaner is clearing some
> of
> the necessary data. Some selectable options are:
> Memory Dumps, Windows Log Files, DNS Cache, User Assist History, IIS Log
> Files.
> Please advise.