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Paashaas wrote on 15. January 2010:
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>> Also why wasn't the Atari XL and ST not mention. Did they perform so
>> badly that they fell off the top 5? At least in Germany there was a "war"
>> going on between Commodore (C64, later Amiga) and Atari (XL and ST later)
>> users of who has the larger d***.
> Cool, a guessing game... disk?

Of course.
My Commodore 64 classic game music page at
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>> On 14/01/2010 7:50am, RobertB wrote:
>>> CNET TV has posted a short video listing the Top 5
>>> computers of the 1980's. The Commodore 64 wins out
>>> by being number 1! (We're number 1... we're number 1!)
>>> The Amiga computer comes in fifth place. To see the
>>> video, go to
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>> Yep, 30 million of those babies were sold around the world, but sales of
>> the Amiga, especially in the US, were a travesty, although it did very
>> well in Europe (UK and Germany) and Australia.
>> Why was the Amiga so ignored in the US?
> That`s a sort of dumb question!
> They had enough typewriters already.

Heh. You're funny... (looking!)

The Amiga was a breakthrough, and so revolutionarily different from other
computers that it likely scared a lot of people. I know anyone I knew with
an Amiga had MY envy. I still had my C64, and I upgraded to a C128, which I
still love, but man, I was seriously envious of Amiga owners, I could never
have afforded one, as a poor college student who scraped enough money to get
his C128.

Getting an Amiga meant not only shelling out the money for the computer, but
for a new monitor (my 1702 would not work with it) and I couldn't afford
both. But man, I sure wanted to.

The colors alone made me envious, as I was a computer artist at the time.
And its operating system was YEARS beyond anything else out there.

I think the Conservative mindset of most Americans is why the Amiga never
really took off here. In Canada it did rather well, certainly among MY
friends and people I knew with computers.