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>> I had to work 40 years before I was able to retire, and my social security
>> check represents only about 30% of my total income.....
> Smirk.

That's about all you are capable of doing.

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>>>>> Our schools have become socialist training grounds.....9 out of 10
>>>>> university instructors are liberals.
>>>> Are you saying that republicans are too generally stupid to teach?
>>>> Or
>>>> are you saying that republicans are too self centred to teach others?
>>>> or
>>>> are you saying that republicans are too short sighted to teach the next?
>>>> generation?
>>>>> Have you read any textbooks recently? They might as well have been
>>>>> written by card carrying communists. They are winning the battle simply
>>>>> by being better organized.
>>>> Are you saying that republicans can't organise themselves?
>>> Blech. Between the John Birchers and the rabid socialists on this board, I
>>> wonder sometimes if I am the only one around here that is not a part of
>>> the lunatic fringe on left or right.
>> No, you're not the only one; I'm not part of either lunatic fringe either.
> Oh yes you are.

The friggin' IRONY! Hey Fish-Rot, is your nickname "Ferro-boi"?

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Bill Graham wrote:

> Here's a free hint: everything you dislike isn't automatically
> "socialist" or "communist". Those words have real definitions, and
> using them the same way some folks yell "NAZI!" at anyone they dislike
> only devalues the words and convinces everyone who has even a marginal
> grip on reality that you don't.

Yeah, "communist" has really been devalued.

I call people that cut me off in traffic communists. Or at least
Bolsheviks. In fact my son and I have a routine. When someone does
something stupid while driving, i.e. running a red light, not stopping
in the crosswalk, etc., I yell "communist!" (with my windows closed of
course) and my son responds with "liberal!"

I've never met a real communist, despite extensive travel in China.

When I took Mandarin language classes in the 1980's, the books being
used were from the 1960's and 1970's and the dialogs included relics of
the communist era in China, including addressing other people by
"comrade" (tong-zhi) and by addressing the spouse of someone you knew by
"love person" (ai-ren). When I went to China and tried to use phrases
and words like were in the book, I was told, 'we don't talk like that
any more.' In 1987, the first thing that our lovely tour guide in Wuxi
asked me as I bicycled across the Jiangsu province border was "teach me
bad words in English."

The camera I brought with me was my venerable Olympus XA. The A11 flash
broke while I was in China, and I had no flash until I bought an A16 in
San Francisco. I tried installing CHDK on the Olympus XA but I could not
find a place for the memory card.
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Bill Graham wrote:

> I think of it as the lesser of two evils. Right now, the government is
> giving my money away to the illegal aliens in bushel baskets,

Actually they're not, at least not the federal government directly. It's
the states that are required to provide education, and that are not
allowed to turn away anyone from emergency rooms regardless of their
ability to pay or whether or not they are here legally.

The federal government profits from illegal immigration (see
""), as do
many large corporations, which is why they are in no hurry to do
anything about it. Give the states unfunded mandates while at the same
time reminding the states that only the federal government has the
authority to enforce immigration laws--it's perfect.

> and they
> can't even stop the illegal immigration into this country by those
> anxious to get it.

What makes you think that they can't stop illegal immigration? Clinton,
under pressure from the labor unions, began enforcing the laws regarding
the employment of illegals. The corporations that depend on the illegals
went crazy. When W took office, enforcement was dropped.

What I'd like to see is the federal government give all social security
taxes collected from illegals back to the states to help fund health
care and education. But that would mean admitting that the federal
government knows that these people are here illegally, and would mean
that they were willing to give up these billions.
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On Sep 16, 3:22 am, Chris H <ch...(a)> wrote:
> On the other hand for cosmetic surgery the US leads the way.  Just look
> at Michael Jackson.


They buried him, you know.
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