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On Tue, 6 Apr 2010 23:22:25 +0200, "Helmut Meukel"
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>I played a bit around with VB1, but stayed with DOS Basic,
>because it came with the ISAM database.
>I was really pissed off when I found Microsoft provided no tool to
>convert the ISAM database to an Access/Jet db or at least migrate
>the data.

MS did provide a tool for converting the databases. IIRC there were
two - a command line utility and a DLL (non-ActiveX), both written in
C. But I dont' believe they were provided with any VB releases - just
something you needed to ferret out under Support.

We had this discussion before, but I can't find it. (My Google skills
have dropped to zero.)

Both tools were quirky, so as the format was published, most of us
just wrote our own.

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MM <kylix_is(a)> wrote:

>>Google is evil when it comes to newsgroups/forums.
>Google is evil, period. The way it stores all our search phrases for
>up to two years, the way it invades our streets with its silly
>roof-mounted cameras, the way it pretends it can offer an "operating
>system", and in many other ways. Google is the new Microsoft that
>everybody loves to hate.

Trouble is very few people feel that Google is evil. Yet.

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