From: yuppicide on
If they say not to use an exten sion cable, I wouldn't.

I have a Brother laser printer. It will only work a maximum of 6 feet cable.
Extensions of any kind do not work and it states it in their manual.

> Yes, that is one of the debugging steps. As mentioned tried that on a
> laptop and two desktops. Think that is mostly to guard against a bad
> extension cable though as clearly if it's directly connected to the usb
> port on a pc it has restricted access to the sky to pick up sats. Using a
> known good extension cable hasn't been any different than without in how
> reliable the product is.
>> SC Tom
>>> Now have to remember which of the 1/2 dozen of those is the one came
>>> with the unit as I tried a few during debugging sessions and I have a
>>> feeling they'll use any excuse to avoid any sense of responsibility.