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What do you mean by 'always opened before'? Is it the same file that opened
days ago or a new wmv file?
If the same file, and it resides on another computer, replace the file.
"Herman R Standiford" <noonehere(a)> wrote in message
> yes it is a wmv file that has always opened before and still does on my
> other computer. This problem just started two days ago. I have done all
> the tools options security settings but they do not solve the problem
> Herman
> "Ken Blake, MVP" <kblake(a)> wrote in message
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>> On Thu, 15 Apr 2010 13:53:22 -0400, "Herman R Standiford"
>> <noonehere(a)> wrote:
>>> In outlook express I get windows security warning when opening a file
>>> Windows found this file is probable harmful. To help protect your
>>> computer
>>> windows has blocked access to this file.I have searched for an answer
>>> for
>>> this and my outlook express security is the same as on a second computer
>>> which doesn't have this problem.
>> You're talking about an attachment?
>> Starting with SP1, Outlook Express does this by default, for any file
>> type which *can* contain a virus. It's not a virus checker, doesn't
>> actually check the attachments, and this doesn't mean that there
>> actually is a virus there.
>> Such attachments *are* very risky. You often see advice not to open
>> attachments from people you don't know. I think that that's one of the
>> most dangerous pieces of advice you see around, because it implies
>> that it's safe to do the opposite--open attachments from friends and
>> relatives. But many viruses spread by sending themselves to everyone
>> in the infected party's address book, so attachments received from
>> friends are perhaps the *most* risky to open.
>> Even if the attachment legitimately comes from a friend, it can
>> contain a virus. I'm not suggesting that a friend is likely to send
>> you a virus on purpose, but if the friend is infected without
>> realizing it, any attachment he sends you is likely to also be
>> infected.
>> Personally I think what Outlook Express does is good; I never open
>> attachments at all, except from a *very* few trusted sources, and then
>> only when I'm expecting them. But if you want to remove this
>> safeguard, it's easy to do so: go to Tools | Options, and on the
>> security tab, uncheck "Do not allow attachments..."
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