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WindowsUpdate_80073712 WindowsUpdate_dt000
Actualización de seguridad para Windows Vista (KB971468) loz "escribió: Actualización para Windows Vista (KB971468) Descargar Tamaño: 2,8 MB Es posible que deba reiniciar el equipo para que esta actualización surta efecto. Tipo de actualización: Recomendado He tratado de instalar est... 29 Apr 2010 19:15
Code 646
I try to install important updates for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, but it keeps failing to install the updates and gives a "code 646, Microsoft Update encountered an unknown error"... ... 29 Apr 2010 20:23
Updates Fail to install
After spending 4 hours removing the win32/parite virus from the property manager's PC, I ran Windows Update and all security updates failed to install. On checking the update history I find that all security updates for the last 2 months also failed. The PC is now clean, so does anyone know if some residue fro... 29 Apr 2010 15:49
windos could not search for new updates error found : Code 80072EE
i have installed full version of windoes 7 64bit. everything seems to be running fine but it is not letting me validate product key nor it is letting me connect to windowsup page. can anyone help me? ... 29 Apr 2010 15:49
This important update has caused a problem with Excel files that I have password protected in that when I try to save changes I get a file sharing violation. Removing the update gets them opening and saving OK. With the update installed, removing the password protection allows changes to be saved. Anyone fo... 3 May 2010 16:31
KB976569 and KB976570
I have never in my life seen an individual so rude as PABEAR (MVP) PABEAR(a) I have seen rude and insulting, foul mouthed customers booted but never a young man with a problem who continues to ask intelligent questions and seems to by error have responded in an incorrect format. This exchange is appal... 30 Apr 2010 00:47
error in installing kb955706 from vista up date
any solution about the error so that it can be install successfully ... 30 Apr 2010 21:53
Update for Windows Vista (KB980248) -- No more fonts available
per your questions: Are you running Vista SP1 or Vista SP2? Is Office 2010 installed? I have Vista Ultimate SP2 + all security updates. I have Office 2007 installed and I was installing the update in preperation for Office 2010. Was KB980248 offered & eventually installed via Windows Update or d... 30 Apr 2010 00:47
Update for Windows Vista (KB980248) -- No more fonts available!
I was installed Update for Windows Vista (KB980248). After the install, the machine rebooted. The install failed and I recieved error 800700C1. It was midnight so I threw up my hands and went to bed. At 3am, Windows Update ran automatically, and this time it said it succeeded but it definately did not reboo... 29 Apr 2010 15:49
recent updates causing profile problems
Greetings, I recently approved the latest batch of updates on my wsus server however on clients that have been updated i have noticed strange problems. 1. When logging on as local admin i always get an error saying the temp folder doesnt. This is happening on any updated client even those that had worked fi... 28 Apr 2010 10:37
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