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Update error message 0X8DDD0003
Thank you very much. It work also for me. "Patti MacLeod" wrote: Hi Suzie B, Have a look at this MSKB article: "Windows Update was disabled by your system administrator" error message Doug Knox provides a d/loadable vbscript file that... 25 Jan 2007 09:13
Why do I get this ControlService error message?
after updatine my XP Home machine I get this error mesage (The requested control is not valid for this service) with a big red X ... 22 Jan 2007 00:42
WMDRM and MediaPlayer update problem
Hello, I can't install "Update for WMDRM-enabled Media Players (KB891122)" or "Windows Media Player 11" from the windows update website. I get error code 0x8007F070 for the WMDRM and 0x800700C1 for Media Player. Other updates install ok. I have tried stopping the update service, renaming the SotwareDistri... 25 Jan 2007 01:46
User Interaction
Hi Does anyone know how to configure windows update without any user interaction. I understand that the microsoft update downloads the packages. However, I would also like the updates to be installed automatically without the user having to click on the icon notification in the bottom right hand corner givin... 17 Jan 2007 07:46
Failed to initialize datastore, error = 0xC800040 in wsus
I have a windows 2000 system which gives me this error upon clicking on the windows update icon (It gives it in the browser and in the windowsupdate.log. I have never seen this error, and searches for this problem reveal nothing. Does anyone have an idea what caused this? How can I fix? Thomas ... 17 Jan 2007 06:01
Windows Update Does Not Work On My Computer
whenever I try to use windows update I get the following error from the website: [Error number: 0x80092026] The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem. Has anyone else gotten this error message, an... 15 Jan 2007 15:19
driver not responding code39 missing or corrupt
I just want to thank you CAREY FRISCH for responding to this thread! I followed your steps and it fixed my problem! I'm am so relieved! Thank you, Thank you!!! I have tried everything to fix it and NOTHING worked. I was about to give up, and then I saw this thread and I tried it, and thanks to you it worked! =D... 14 Jan 2007 18:53
Windows Update Error 800F0217 - Vivicam 2010
Vista detected my Argus camera and is attempting to install this driver "Vivicam 2010" and returns the error 800F0217. Any ideas? ... 14 Jan 2007 09:01
How do u restart Auto updates
In XP, if it keeps on timing out?? Hi folks, just helping someone in a forum I go to. He's having trouble getting to the Windowsupdate site. In the WU log, it had 0x8007041D in the log, which looks like it was coz of NOD32. The guy said he's uninstalled NOD32, but he's still getting this error. And error ... 5 Jan 2007 01:41
0x8007F117 error message
Can't install updates (office service pack 2, safety update (KB926247)/(KB920213), drivers, ...)! Can you give an easy and useful answer .... I come from germany. I really need help. I tried to fix it and to find answers that gives solutions but I never found a solution :-( PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanx in advanc... 15 Jan 2007 01:05
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