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Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0: x86 (KB928416)
This update will not install. I get the error message: Error Code: 0x643. I thought maybe I had to uninstall NET Framework 3.0, but it is not listed in Add or Remove Programs. Any ideas as what to do next? Thanks ... 13 Apr 2007 16:37
KB925902 Update Problem
Since the Windows XP update XP925902 of the 4 April 2006, I am getting an error message when the PC is first swithed on. Viz :- RTHDCPL.EXE Illegal System DLL Relocation The report says :-The system DLL user 32 .dll was relocated in memeory. The application will not run correctly. The relocation occured beca... 5 Apr 2007 10:18
Tuesday 3rd April update won't work
Using "Windows Update" from my IE7 browser under XPpro, after a few moments checking for updates, I get this message; "The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem. " -the few options provided don't help. L... 11 Apr 2007 23:45
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0: x86 (KB928416) unable to be installe
Updates were unable to be successfully installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0: x86 (KB928416) Error Code: 0x13EC -- Thanks for any help you can offer, Ian Sweeney ... 5 Apr 2007 04:54
Windows update keeps installing KB911562 after installing onecare
system: windows XP SP2 genuine WIndows live onecare (recent install) Hi, Windows update is continually asking me to install : KB911562. After instasllation it says that is is successfully installed but every time I do a windows update it asks for it to install again. There is nothing in the Event viewer whi... 5 Apr 2007 04:54
Windows Update calls error Code WindowsUpdate_00000001 ""_dt000
I think that this new policies, drm, and authorisations Microsoft introduced for even the most trivial tasks, e.g.: language install are doing much harm. Incidentally: It is not clear what kind of configuration you have. e.g.: was it upgraded from XP? was it an OEM install on a laptop? I have a similar proble... 25 Apr 2007 03:16
Defender update error: 8024002e
My defender has not been able to download the latest updates for that reason. I have tried to "check for updates now" or let the auto-update but they both give me the same error message. What is going on? It's great to have defender integrated in Vista IF IT Worked. Otherwise, that's useless CPU/memory overhead. ... 4 Apr 2007 18:04
Error 0x80244022
I am fixing a friend's laptop for her, ran some Microsoft Updates just fine, but suddenly after a round of updates I'm getting Error 0x80244022. I also notice that the URL keeps redirecting to What's going on? ... 29 Mar 2007 02:58
I am running Windows Vista Premium. This update will not install and gives me this error code. How can I solve thei problem and what is it? ... 27 Mar 2007 21:08
Update error 8024402F when updating Vista
I am running Vista home basic and get the error code 8024402F whenever i try and search for update. Could anyone out there help me? ... 3 Apr 2007 00:38
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